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Sonnet Fusion™ F3 RAID Storage System is Fast, Rugged, Quiet, Integrated, Flexible, and Rackmountable

IRVINE, Calif. — Sept. 10, 2008 — Sonnet Technologies, a leader in providing local storage systems for professional users of Macintosh®, Windows®, and UNIX® systems in the film, video, and broadcast industries, today launched the Fusion™ F3. A versatile hardware RAID storage system, the Fusion F3 encloses a pair of high-performance 3.5-inch SATA RAID drives to achieve 1TB, 2TB, or 3TB configurations in a stylish aluminum and steel case that fits equally well in recording studios, high-end A/V racks, and desktop or portable video editing systems.

The Fusion F3 has all the features demanded by audio and video professionals. The hardware RAID storage system is fast, rugged, and quiet, and has the flexibility of a quad interface and the convenience of an integrated power supply. One or two Fusion F3 systems can be rackmounted in a 1U space.

Key features include:

Hardware RAID — The Sonnet Fusion F3 is a two-drive hardware RAID system that supports fast (RAID 0), safe (RAID 1), and big (concatenated). The hardware RAID is OS independent and can be attached to virtually any computer or device.

Quad Interface — An eSATA interface is included for maximum speed, FireWire 800 for medium speed, and FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 for flexibility.

Speed — Connected via eSATA and its drives initialized as a RAID 0 array, the Sonnet Fusion F3 can sustain read/write transfer rates of 165 MB/sec, fast enough to support multiple streams of compressed video editing.

Quiet — Video and audio editors alike prefer drive chassis that are seen but not heard. Sonnet designed the Fusion F3 cooling system to be whisper quiet. Two thermally controlled fans move the same air as a single fan, but with nearly undetectable noise. The drives themselves are all that can be heard.

Integrated Power — A universal power supply is integrated inside the Fusion F3 chassis. There is no external brick to dangle or come unplugged. The 110-240V, 50-60Hz supply will operate worldwide with the appropriate standard power cable.

Rugged and Reliable — The rugged aluminum and steel case with internal shock isolation is designed for rough grip handling. Mounted side-by-side, each of Fusion F3’s drives is individually shock-isolated, virtually eliminating cross-coupled vibration — a potential source of soft-error-induced skipped frames in video capture and playback. Dual temperature-controlled fans with automatic failover help ensure system reliability.

Rackmountable — Out of the box, Fusion F3 systems may be stacked on a flat surface, or stood on edge with the included stand. One or two systems side-by-side may be installed in a standard rack with the optional rackmount kit. The Fusion F3 is 1U high (1.75-inch), a half-rack wide (8.5-inch), and only 14.25-inch deep, perfect for even shallow racks. Front-mounted switches for power and drive configuration, as well as indicators for drive activity, drive fault, and power, are perfect for rack accessibility.

Elegant Industrial Design — Fusion F3’s attractive milled aluminum faceplate and metal controls lend it the appearance of an audiophile component. Blue LED indicators dance with activity, and may be dimmed for darkened A/V installations.

“Fusion F3 is an exceptionally versatile system that provides leading performance with a smart design and is ideally suited to the needs of professional storage and editing applications,” said Robert Farnsworth, CEO of Sonnet Technologies. “This newest addition to our flagship Fusion product line features the look, feel, and accessibility of a high-end A/V system component; the reliability and performance of a professional RAID storage system; and the flexibility, durability, and package of a portable unit.”

Like all Sonnet products, Fusion F3 enjoys long-term support from a company with more than two decades in the computer performance enhancement business. As a provider of complete solutions, including controller cards, storage chassis, and tested hard drives, Sonnet provides a single point of support, thereby simplifying the purchase and maintenance of advanced storage systems.

Fusion F3 - 1TB (part # FUS-F3-1TB), Fusion F3 - 2TB (part # FUS-F3-2TB), and Fusion F3 - 3TB (part # FUS-F3-3TB) will be available in October 2008. Pricing will be announced at a later date. More information about Fusion F3, Sonnet Technologies, and the company’s other products is available at

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About Sonnet

Sonnet Technologies, Inc. of Irvine, Calif., is a leader in providing local storage systems for professional users of Macintosh®, Windows®, and UNIX® systems in the film, video, and broadcast industries. Since its founding in 1986, Sonnet has pioneered and brought to market innovative solutions that enhance the performance and connectivity of Macintosh and industry-standard computers. Today, the company is a world-leading computer hardware upgrade company with a product line featuring a range of high-performance, cost-effective, and reliable storage solutions, as well as a variety of performance-extending upgrade cards. More information is available at

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