Shure Introduces New Broadcast Gear at NAB 2012

Chris Lyons, Shure's manager of technical and educational communications, showcases several new broadcast-related products announced at NAB 2012. The company introduced its first comprehensive portable wireless system: FP Wireless. The system gives independent videographers, electronic field production producers and others in the broadcast and media production industry the ability to capture crystal-clear audio in demanding environments.

Also showcased is Shure's first full line of broadcast headsets: the BRH31M, BRH440M and BRH441M. Designed specifically for broadcast and media production applications, each BRH headset provides exceptional audio quality, comfort and durability to meet the demanding needs of professionals.

Finally, Chris looks at the UA874 Active Directional Antenna. A flexible solution featuring an integrated amplifier for improved wireless signal reception, the UA874 is able to adapt to a variety of wireless challenges facing today's broadcasters in the field, delivering exceptional performance in even the most hostile production environments.