Inauguration: CNN Streams to New Heights

Some ambitious technical ventures helped shatter its previous record for video streams as well as uploads by viewers through the network’s iReport feature. generated more than 182 million page views and served, worldwide, more than 36.7 million total video streams—including 26.9 million live streams—on Inauguration Day, annihilating its old record of 5.3 million live streams, set Election Day. Live estimates it served more than 1.3 million concurrent live streams during its peak, immediately prior to President Obama's inaugural address. received 11,300 photo and video uploads, doubling the previous mark of 5,100, set the day before election day.

One high-tech Web feature was CNN’s “The Moment,” a computer-melded interactive panorama of the scene as Obama took the Oath of Office, constructed of viewers’ photos.

CNN also led the cable news networks in its coverage with nearly 8.5 million viewers during Obama’s inaugural address.