Echolab Opera Upgrade Offer Enables Easy, Inexpensive Shift to Powerful Overture Series

Until Close of the 2008 NAB Show, Existing Users of Opera Systems Can Make Cost-Effective Exchange of Opera Panel for Complete Overture Unit

BILLERICA, Mass. -- Feb. 26, 2008 -- Echolab Corporation, a leading provider of professional video production switchers and broadcast tools, today announced its Amazing Upgrade Offer, through which current users of the Opera series production switchers can make a cost-effective upgrade to a new Overture1SD or Overture2SD high-performance video production system. The Amazing Upgrade Offer is good through the close of the 2008 NAB Show on April 17.

“We realize that the purchase of a production switcher represents a significant investment, and our Amazing Upgrade Offer is designed to allow users of our Opera systems to build on that investment and realize greater power and functionality without paying for a whole new switcher,” said Nigel Spratling, Echolab president. “While other vendors may offer upgrades to their switcher products, Echolab is the only company that provides the user with the complete functionality of a brand-new system. We invite Opera users who have not yet seen the Overture series systems to stop by our NAB booth at SU9607 to see these remarkable new switchers at work.”

The Amazing Upgrade Offer increases available switcher keyers to 10 in the Overture1 and 11 in the Overture2 system. With the upgrade to either system, users can take advantage of a new DIP transition feature, built directly into the take block of each M/E, that allows an A-to-B mix through a third source or color generator. An integrated DVE transition feature, built into the take block of each M/E, provides instant access to moving DVE transitions without occupying M/E keyers.

Echolab‘s SuperSource™ layering engine delivers a precombined layer with three keys and background, serving as an ideal solution for two-box shots with a combined-graphics foreground or background. Powerful Stinger™ keys incorporated into the M/E "take blocks" combine mix/wipe transitions with animated graphics, allowing animated transitions to be executed with the touch of a single button. With access to five different transition types, Overture users gain even greater creative control in producing high-quality television programming.

The Overture1 1-M/E control panel and 2-M/E Overture2 video production system feature an industry-standard, look-ahead preview architecture, offering ease-of-use and familiar operation. Both systems offer internal frame stores and 2-D DVEs, along with tools that enable tight integration with Echolab's control and automation solutions, all of which contribute to a uniquely powerful yet simple workflow for creating stunning and sophisticated effects.

The upgrade from Opera 3408/3416 1-M/E systems to Overture1SD costs $3,400 USD. An upgrade from Opera 3408/3416 1-M/E and 3716/3732 2-M/E systems to Overture2SD costs $18,000 USD and includes the exchange of an existing panel for the new Overture2 panel. Users should contact an Echolab sales representative to discuss further options for upgrading to an Overture system.

More information about the Amazing Upgrade Offer and Echolab‘s Overture series products is available at

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