Triveni Digital to Present IPTV Systems Overview at Denver SMPTE/SBE Technology BootCamp

PRINCETON, N.J. -- Oct. 24, 2007 -- Triveni Digital, a subsidiary of LG Electronics (LGE), today announced that Dr. Gomer Thomas, the company‘s principal scientist, will provide an overview of IPTV systems at the 2007 Denver SMPTE/SBE Technology BootCamp on Nov. 8 at Starz Entertainment in Englewood, Colo. The presentation will illuminate the similarities and differences between traditional broadcast television and IPTV, detailing how IPTV works and describing some of the new services supported by this new TV delivery model.

“While most members of the broadcast industry understand that IPTV enables the delivery of television services over broadband connections, many seek a fuller understanding of how this model works and what‘s involved in a typical deployment,” said Thomas. “In an increasingly competitive market, broadcasters can benefit from a deeper knowledge of IPTV systems. My goal is to offer a fundamental overview of this important new technology and the emerging business strategies associated with IPTV.”

Thomas‘ presentation will address IPTV systems from the content provider through the service provider and network provider to the consumer. It will include an overview of the standards activities within the ATISIIF (Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions - IPTV Interoperability Forum), the primary IPTV standards body for North America, and why standards in this arena can lead to cost savings for both service providers and consumers and contribute to quality of service by facilitating service monitoring. Thomas will finish up with a look at some innovative services made possible through IPTV.

Thomas is a longtime participant in the ATSC digital TV standards process. As a more recent participant in the ATISIIF IPTV standards process, he is uniquely well-positioned to describe the basics of IPTV technology, the role of IPTV standards, and some of the new services enabled by this TV delivery model. Over the years, he has given numerous talks on various aspects of digital TV technology at PBS, NAB, SBE, SMPTE, ATSC, and IEEE conferences and seminars.

The IPTV BootCamp is part of the SBE Chapter 48 SMPTE Rocky Mountain Section

Annual Fall Technical Seminar Series. Previous BootCamps have covered topics such as HDTV and IT for broadcasting. Registration information and other details about the event are available online at

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