OmniBus Streaming Media West Preview

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OmniBus Systems

Company Overview

OmniBus Systems, the award-winning provider of comprehensive broadcast automation, content management and workflow solutions, will be demonstrating at Streaming Media West the latest version of iTX, the groundbreaking master control and playout application. iTX is being used as a high-end enterprise-wide broadcast playout system in a variety of applications and by broadcasters ranging from single-channel operators to large multinationals to conventional platforms, as well as to IPTV, mobile and Internet audiences.

New for Streaming Media West in 2007

iTX from OmniBus:

Broadcast-quality master control, production and automation suite for IPTV, Internet and mobile

iTX from OmniBus is a groundbreaking software suite that enables content-owners to craft outstanding quality programming for IPTV, internet and mobile delivery.

Featuring all the functionality required to create the sophisticated production values and strong channel branding viewers expect from quality entertainment providers, iTX helps content owners to deliver output that stands out from the competition and build audiences by delivering a premium service. iTX makes it easy to create extra revenue streams from commercial insertion, and repurpose content efficiently for maximum value.

Developed by broadcast automation leaders OmniBus Systems, iTX offers a broad feature set that streamlines multi-format conversion, and provides the tools to edit video, schedule commercial insertions, create content playout lists, manage content assets, time-delay playout and much more. With comprehensive graphics capabilities, iTX can help you transform the brand identity and perceived quality of content streams for IPTV, mobile and Internet delivery by adding channel logos, titling and captions, video effects such as squeeze-backs, crawls, picture-in-picture and audio overlays.

Running on off-the-shelf IT hardware, iTX delivers outstanding compatibility and easy integration into IP-based workflows.