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Dimetis Software Solution Supports DAB+ Digital Radio At Hessischer Rundfunk

Dimetis Networkmanagementsystem (NMS) BOSS BROADCAST Manager® (BBM) supports the DAB+ digital radio distribution at Hessischer Rundfunk (HR).

Since 1st December the HR is represented officially with the DAB+ standards for its digital radio and thus the six radio waves hr1, hr2-kultur, hr3, hr4, hr-iNFO and YOU FM can be received digitally.

The software provider Dimetis with its BOSS BROADCAST Manager® forms the basis for a smooth transmission of the Hessian audio pleasure, since it combines all relevant components of the multiplex center in one NMS.

In terms of hardware the DAB+ ContentServerTM R5 provided by IZT GmbH, which is based on technologies developed by Fraunhofer Institut comes into operation. It supports directly the „Livewire“ Audio-over-IP format and combines encoding and multiplexing in one device.

A redundant 1+1 configuration allows an automatic replacement to alternative paths or devices, as well as a manual routing switch in case of failure.

Future actions regard a possible network expansion that perspectively provides two additional Single Frequency Networks within Hessen, which allows an extension to up to 12 radio programmes including additional data.

About Dimetis GmbH

Dimetis is the IP Broadcast Leader, providing standard-based Operational Support Systems (OSS) for telecommunication and broadcast industry. Our software solutions manage most of the public broadcast TV in D-A-CH on the distribution side.

Dimetis contribution suite dynamically moves live content as well as large files from anywhere to anywhere combining different technologies.

“We have the ambition to orient our work on tomorrow´s requirements. The classical transfer of video content will be replaced by advanced information technologies for which our solutions built a solid basis. Dimetis software meets highest standards being innovatively designed, flexibly applicable and intuitive to use,” comments Dr. Shahin Arefzadeh, Dimetis CTO/COO.

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For more information, please visit: