NEW YORK ─ Clear-Com®, a global leader in critical voice communications systems, will exhibit the new HME DX210 at this year’s AES 2011 (Booth 431). The 2.4-GHz-band wireless intercom system delivers exceptional sound clarity and reliable, interference-free connection to audio professionals that need to communicate with their production team. With two communication channels, improved wired system connections and simple-to-use operations, the HME DX210 provides great flexibility and tremendous value for fixed installations and tour productions.

The HME DX210 is a robust wireless system with a rugged-yet-lightweight design. With two channels of communication, it provides users with the option of a single- or dual-channel intercom system. In single-channel mode, up to four 1RU base stations can be linked together to support 16 full-duplex and 44 half-duplex beltpacks and/or wireless headsets. Moreover, the HME DX210 is paired with the rugged BP210 beltpacks and All-in-One WH210 Wireless Headset COMMUNICATOR®s, which have two intercom buttons (IC1/IC2) with ISO. The advanced wireless system is also backwards compatible with the HME DX200 beltpacks, protecting the value of prior investments.

The highly intuitive HME DX210 is easy to set up and use, facilitating faster turnaround times for enhanced productivity. Once the base station has been installed, it takes just a few simple steps to register and activate the DX210’s BP210 beltpack and All-in-One WH210 wireless headset COMMUNICATORs. For added convenience, the auxiliary in-jack conveniently supports quarter-inch TSR or three-pin AES. Further, many of the DX210’s most critical functions, such as audio adjust controls, are easily accessible from the front panel of the base station.

“With many audio productions, fast and easy access to communications can make all the difference when it comes production value, so the HME DX210 was developed to offer sophisticated features that are simple to operate,” says Craig Frederickson, Product Manager of the HME DX Series. “Besides this, many of its most important features are located on its front panel or on the BP210 beltpack and All-in-One WH210 COMMUNICATORs. This way, busy audio professionals can access the features they need within a few seconds, adding greater efficiency to the overall production.”

The HME DX210 features Spectrum-Friendly™ technology, enabling users to designate 2.4-GHz operating frequency ranges for effortless frequency coordination and interference-free communications. Likewise, the highly developed system is purpose-built to be the most dependable wireless intercom available, selecting the strongest signal from two different antennas that are transmitting and receiving at separate times and frequencies.

Additionally, the feature-rich system seamlessly interfaces with two-wire and/or four-wire intercoms (if needed) and any auxiliary audio equipment. Its digital auto-nulling circuit eliminates audio feedback from the two-wire connections for improved audio quality.

With the addition of the DX210 to the existing HME DX wireless series, Clear-Com is now the only provider in the audio production space to offer the widest selection of Basic, Advanced and Expert level wireless intercom solutions, including the Tempest®2400 2.4GHz and Tempest®900 900MHz systems (available only in North America), CellCom® 1.92-1.93GHz system and HME PRO850™ UHF band system. At AES 2011, Clear-Com will demonstrate the HME DX210 along with its other products including the Tempest2400, Eclipse-PiCo matrix with V-series panels and the ConcertTM intercom-over-IP communications solution.

Note: CellCom® and FreeSpeak® are different brands representing the same digital wireless intercom system (with minor technical differences). Due to trademark limitations, CellCom and CellCom Integra (formerly CellCom50) are only available in the U.S. and Canada; and FreeSpeak and FreeSpeak Integra (formerly FreeSpeak50) are available in all countries other than the U.S. and Canada.