The content exchange solution vsnIPTransfer gets to Afghanistan

The Spanish company, VSN, adds one more country to the list and supplies its technology in support of a project in defense of impartial information in Afghanistan.

Saba Media Organization, the non-profit cultural organization in support of free mass-media initiatives in Afghanistan has acquired VSN's content distribution and contribution tool. This is the first project of the Spanish company in that country.

The Afghan organization will be soon installing a vsnIPTransfer server with satellite connection in their Kabul headquarters with nodes in two additional locations in Kabul and Dubai (this one with cable connection) from which contents will be up and downloaded. So far, an FTP standard was being used for video delivery, which slowed down operations, specially when using an internet access over a shared satellite. At the moment, there is no better internet service in Afghanistan.

Last March, VSN computer developers went to Dubai to train the team technicians of Saba Media, which has plans to expand the vsnIPTransfer nodes network to their clients. As Mohammad Sohaib, Technical Manager of Saba Media in Dubai, said: "thanks to vsnIPTransfer, Saba Media Organization will substantially increase the amount of video hours exchanged among different nodes of the organization, both national and internationally."