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LANCASTER, PA – Linear Acoustic, the leading authority in loudness control and upmixing solutions for digital television, announced today that its AERO.air™ (5.1) 10-channel TV audio processor and MetaMAX™ LA-5180 audio metadata frame synchronizer products are being used by the M6 Group (EuroNext: MMT), a French multimedia group that operates terrestrial free TV and digital pay TV.

M6 free-to-air has been the number two French channel among viewers under 50 years of age for nine consecutive years. The group’s digital stations include Paris Première, Téva, M6 Music Club, Black et Hits, Série Club, TF6, and the well known W9, which became the leading DTV channel in 2007 after only two years on air. In July 2008, M6 began using Linear Acoustic audio processing solutions for each of its channels to upmix the stereo signal to 5.1 audio, and for 5.1 and stereo dynamic processing to achieve a consistent loudness level. In addition, the Linear Acoustic solutions are driving Dolby® Digital Plus encoders to provide 5.1 surround sound for one of the M6 HD channels.

“Like most broadcasters, loudness consistency has been a problem for us. We needed solutions that would not only provide loudness control, but would also help us manage the Dolby metadata and audio control,” said Mathieu Brossard, Project Manager, Technology for the M6 Group. “We chose Linear Acoustic because of their proven product line and industry-wide reputation. With the solutions in place, we have significantly improved the quality of our audio and have complete control of loudness across all of our channels.”

The next-generation AERO.air (5.1) represents the world’s first TV audio processor to combine loudness control, upmixing, metadata support, and Dolby Digital audio coding, enabling broadcasters to deliver compelling 5.1-channel surround sound while saving time, money, and space. The comprehensive AERO.air audio processor is equipped with ITU compatible loudness controllers, upmixers, and metadata support as well as providing full-time, two-channel downmixing for legacy stereo paths. Upmixing is provided by the renowned Linear Acoustic UPMAX algorithm, which provides compelling 5.1-channel audio with complete downmix compatibility. The AERO.air (5.1) also includes the new AutoMAX-II auto-detection algorithm to smoothly upmix or automatically bypass 5.1 mixed content.

The Linear Acoustic LA-5180 audio metadata frame synchronizer and generator are critical to the successful creation and continuity of metadata for proper audio encoding. Useful in digital television transmission, remote broadcast feeds, and studio production, the flexible unit accepts professional audio metadata via a standard RS-485 serial input or as delivered inside the VANC space of an HD-SDI stream. The LA-5180 allows for easy on-the-fly correction of incoming errors; rewriting of all parameters; and reversion to fully adjustable, internally generated values output via serial and HD-SDI. The system can also be used as a stand-alone generator with eight presets for both Dolby E and AC-3 metadata.

“We are pleased to be chosen by the M6 Group to help them realize their goals of consistent audio loudness, stable surround sound image, and proper metadata,” said Tim Carroll, president of Linear Acoustic. “Our AERO.air and MetaMAX solutions can easily solve any loudness or image shift problem via an advanced hybrid of multiband loudness processing, upmixing, and metadata support while including the necessary additional elements of a modern reliable transmission processor such as Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoding and dual redundant power supplies.”

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Linear Acoustic is a leading authority in multichannel loudness control, upmixing, and distribution solutions for digital television. The company designs and manufactures the AERO range of audio processing solutions, e2™ (e-squared) multichannel audio backhaul and distribution, and MetaMAX metadata processing products and licenses key technologies to OEM partners. The company is actively involved in standards and practices creation within the ATSC and other international standards groups, is a member of the AES and IEEE, is a sustaining member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), and is a premier member of the Sports Video Group. Linear Acoustic is also proud to have provided its UPMAX:neo™ 5.1-channel upmixer and technical services for NBC’s coverage of the 2008 Beijing Summer Games. Linear Acoustic is a member of the Telos group of companies along with Omnia and Axia. More information about Linear Acoustic is available at