Digital Rapids unveils Kayak workflow platform

Digital Rapids launched its new Kayak workflow platform, which lets customers, systems integrators and software developers design, deploy and manage customized workflows for today’s multiscreen media landscape.

The Kayak platform powers the advances “under the hood” of the upcoming version 2.0 of the Digital Rapids Transcode Manager software.

Unlike workflow approaches that simply orchestrate between separate applications across multiple workflow stages, Kayak is built on a philosophy of granular modularity with technologies as components — from media-specific functions like encoding, packaging and processing to business-oriented functionality, such as analytics, automated intelligence and reporting.

These workflow building blocks are warehoused in a catalog of best-of-breed technologies and solutions from Digital Rapids and a broad array of third-party partners, creating a rich, open ecosystem of easy-to-access technology.

Kayak’s component-based approach provides granular control over technology costs and provisioning, as users deploy precisely the technologies they actually need for their specific workflows.