Blackmagic Design Announces DaVinci Resolve for Microsoft Windows™

New DaVinci Resolve for Windows 7 64bit will be demonstrated at IBC 2011

IBC 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - September 9, 2011 - Blackmagic Design today announced DaVinci Resolve for Microsoft Windows™ which will allow customers to use a wide range of hardware for building color correction systems with the advantage of a wider selection of GPU processing options with support for up to a massive 16 GPU’s per system.

DaVinci Resolve for Windows™ will be demonstrated on the Blackmagic Design IBC 2011 booth at #7.H20.

DaVinci Resolve for Microsoft Windows™ will be accompanied by the Mac OS X version, so when a customer purchases DaVinci Resolve, they can choose which operating system they want to use, and then install either one. This allows the flexibility to let customers potentially choose to use a Windows desktop computer in the office with powerful multiple GPU processing, while at any time the customer can unplug the dongle and plug into one of the latest stylish Mac OS X MacBook Pro computers when on set.

Only DaVinci Resolve lets customers move between either operating system at any time without the extra expense of purchasing a second copy of the software.

As a reward for all current DaVinci Resolve customers, any customer who has purchased the Mac OS X version of DaVinci Resolve will be able to keep using the same dongle for the Windows version of DaVinci Resolve, and they will simply be able to download the Windows version once released. This will ensure current DaVinci Resolve customers are kept up to date with the latest features, and not disadvantaged for purchasing early.

DaVinci Resolve, will be available in three models. DaVinci Resolve Lite, the current free version, will be available in both Windows and Mac OS X downloads. DaVinci Resolve Software for €695 will be available for both Mac OS X and Windows and customers will get both operating systems for the one purchase. DaVinci Resolve with the full colorist designed control surface will be available with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux software in the box, allowing the customer to choose any of three operating systems to build their color correction system.

“We think this is very exciting because it just makes things even more flexible for DaVinci Resolve customers, and makes it even easier to integrate Resolve color correction into facility workflows when using a wider range of editing and effects software,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “I am also happy that customers who already have Resolve will get this software free of charge, and it’s a deeply felt thank you to them from everyone here at Blackmagic Design. We really appreciate their support, and hope this update shows how much we appreciate it!”

Availability and Price

DaVinci Resolve for Microsoft Windows™ will be released Q1 of 2012 and will be included with all current DaVinci Resolve models so customers will get the choice of both Mac OS X or Windows support when installing the software.

Press Photography

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