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Omneon Extends ProXchange™ to Support Additional Formats

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- April 3, 2008 -- Omneon, Inc., a leading provider of media server and active storage systems, today announced the release of ProXchange™ 1.1, which adds Windows Media® VC-1 and Flash® Video to the already broad range of formats supported by the transcoding system. ProXchange converts media residing on central storage between a wide range of broadcast-quality, high bit rate video formats, as well as H.264, VC-1, and Flash Video.

ProXchange works in concert with the Omneon MediaGrid™ active storage system, harnessing the advanced grid-based architecture of MediaGrid to speed processing via the strategy of dividing the burden of individual jobs across all available servers. Because ProXchange performs transcoding of media located in central storage, it eliminates the need for a standalone system, thus simplifying and streamlining workflows. Using the grid-computing processing power of MediaGrid, ProXchange is able to convert media formats at speeds much faster than real time for most jobs.

Users can configure the ProXchange rules engine to convert specified content automatically from one format to another. Once a set of rules has been applied to a specific directory in MediaGrid, ProXchange automatically begins processing any files appearing there. ProXchange can produce multiple output formats, and even control parameters like bit rates and output directories.

Because ProXchange produces multiple output formats, it not only transcodes media within the system, it also simplifies the process of repurposing media. For example, ProXchange can take MPEG-2 50-Mbps I-Frame content, automatically create a transmission copy in MPEG-2 12-Mpbs Long GOP, and at the same time create an H.264 clip for distribution to IPTV or the Web. Full monitoring and reporting keeps users informed about the progress and transcode performance of their jobs.

The ProXchange system comprises JobDirector, a server containing the core software engine and connectivity to the Omneon MediaGrid; and Manager, software enabling customized configuration of transcode rules that can be installed on as many PCs as needed. A system may be grown with the addition of ProXchange JobScalers.

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About Omneon

Omneon, Inc. is a leading provider of scalable media server and active storage systems that optimize workflow productivity and on-air reliability for the production, distribution, and management of digital media. Omneon is a pioneer in the use of advanced IT technologies and open systems for broadcast applications, producing a modular and expandable video server architecture in the Omneon Spectrum. The company's MediaGrid active storage system delivers centralized content storage that is scalable in capacity, bandwidth, and media-processing power. The company has an extensive global presence with customers in more than 50 countries on six continents. Omneon is on the Web at