New York, August 5, 2009 – Before stepping into a local retailer to plop down anywhere from a few to several hundred dollars on a new camcorder, one should realize how fast technology changes. What was true about camcorders a few years ago is probably no longer true. Nowadays, some camcorders come with built-in hard drives, some with memory sticks, and so much more. This can make choosing the right camcorder a real challenge.

Depending on your budget and shooting requirements, there are dozens and dozens of possibilities. But the good news is that now there’s a guide to make the buying experience so much easier. Written by the editors of, “Camera Buying Tips For Making The Right Choice” is a quick read that will really come in handy before you buy your next camcorder.

By answering simple questions, including, “How much would you like to spend, What will you be shooting, What do you want to do with your footage, etc.”, the picture of what HD camcorder to buy will become much clearer. Answers to these questions can help match visitors to one of several “user profiles.”

Visitors may categorized as either “Family Man”, “On a Budget”, “Trendsetter”, “Indie Director”, “Office Man”, or “Social Butterfly.” Once categorized, the prospective buyer is then given information on what features and specifications they should look for, such as video format, lens type, ports & connectors, exposure & focus controls, and even cool extras. The entire guide, along with the user profiles, is located at

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