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7thSense Design provides immersive dome imagery to projectiondesign® at InfoComm 2012

Delta Media Servers to supply key content on applications focused booth

For the second year in a row, 7thSense Design will support projectiondesign’s breath taking 6-channel 3D dome display with 220 by 90-degree field of view on the projectiondesign®’s booth N1351 at InfoComm 2012 in Vegas.

Immerse yourself in a 3D dome experience on the projectiondesign booth at InfoComm 2012

High-performance projector manufacturer, projectiondesign will focus their booth towards demonstrating collaborative and new ways of working with image technology. The ability of 7thSense’s Delta™ Media Server to provide moving imagery at the highest quality will ensure that they showcase immersive dome projection, as can be found in several real-world installations today.

7thSense Design are experts in Media Serving for Digital Signage, through Visitor Attractions and including Full Domes for Planetariums and Live Events. The Delta Media Server works to scale all the way from small form factor single HD playback to a Quad or Hex-Output fully uncompressed video playback server. It has frame-accurate editing, live video input, 3D Stereocapability and the fundamental flexibility of real-time composition with built-in effects, warp and blend and comprehensive direct control over the show & media on the timeline from any external controller.

“We are delighted to supply our Hex-output Delta Media Servers to the projectiondesign booth at InfoComm for the second year in a row, helping toshow the company’s F35 AS3D projectors at their very best by showing uncompressed, ultra-high resolution 2D and 3D content from the likes of nWave, the UK National Space Center, the American Museum of Natural History and Imagination,” says Ian Macpherson, Managing Director at 7thSense Design.

Anders Løkke, Marketing Director, projectiondesign, adds: “This year’s booth will be focused on showing the most exciting, educational and informative images, all from high-quality sources of content – which is where 7thSense Design’s expertise comes to fore. We’re delighted to be showing the audiovisual community what we can both achieve and opportunities for new ways of communicating with technology in Vegas.”