Auralex Acoustics, Audion clean up sound for Nova TV

Auralex Acoustics and its Croatian distributor Audion recently put the finishing touches on a major acoustic redesign for Nova TV, Croatia’s first commercial television network.

Nova TV tapped Audion to gain better acoustical control of its various studios, all of which had serious reverberation issues. For the broadcast studio, Audion employed Auralex’s SonoSuede ProPanels, a combination of 4in Studiofoam Wedges and T-Coustic Ceiling Tiles and a combination of Auralex SonoSuede Corner Traps and LENRD Bass Traps to create optimal sound absorption throughout the room. The result was an RT60 of 0.6s, which preserved tonal ambience and gave the room a sound environment similar to a home living room.

“In the sound design studio, the phasing between the microphones in a live recording was very obvious, and the results of the acoustical treatment were immediate,” said Luka Rstić, Auralex Acoustics brand manager at Audion.

The studio, located in a large elevator shaft, had bass problems arising from rattling gypsum boards that had been mounted with polyurethane tape years before, along with wall bounce from the room’s monitors.

To fix the problems, Audion applied several Auralex Studiofoam Wedges on the walls, T’Fusor Sound Diffusers and Mineral Fiber tiles on the ceiling, and LENRD Bass Traps and CornerFill Cubes spanning the corners from floor to ceiling. This achieved an RT60 of 0.3s with very little deviation.