ANTIK Technology to unveil Juice Media Server family

ANTIK Technology will launch the Juice Media Server family, which enables live content streaming even for OTT operators and service providers with unstable and slower networks at IBC2011.

The Juice Media Server family offers many features, such as streaming, load balancing and content replication among several pieces of hardware. Advanced features, such as time zone shifting, are included as well.

Thanks to the segment streaming and buffering, Juice Media Server family is able to handle even small drop-outs in the network without viewers noticing when used with ANTIK Technology’s Juice set-top boxes.

Content is delivered from the Master Server to multiple Slave Servers, thus balancing the bandwidth demand and ensuring non-stop operation. This option allows further expansion to other locations without lowering the quality of service provided to TV subscribers.

See ANTIK Technology at IBC2011 Stand 13.313.