Tiny live mobile broadcast system shown at CES

At the 2012 CES in Las Vegas, Contour, an online supplier of small “wearable” HD point-of-view (POV) video cameras, and a company in Japan called Cerevo, joined forces to introduce what they say is the world’s first, smallest, mobile and most affordable live-streaming broadcast video system.

Called the Cerevo “LiveShell,” the compact “transmitter” is a battery-powered hands-free device with built-in GPS, mobile connectivity and a mobile live-streaming option to Ustream using a wired LAN or wireless Wi-Fi. An HDMI cable connects Contour’s Contour+ camera or other compatible camcorders to the LiveShell to bring real-time video broadcasting straight from the camera to Ustream’s website.

The companies said the system allows users to share standard- and high-definition POV footage as it’s captured. In addition to automatic sharing via Ustream, people can manually configure the Contour+/LiveShell combo to broadcast live via other Internet video platforms as well.

The Contour+ camera delivers HD video in 1080p at 25/30fps or 720p at 25/30 and 50/60fps and attaches to a variety of mounts. The maximum resolution with Cervo LiveShell is approximately 480p. The power requirement for operating the combined devices is less than the supplied three-hour battery life.

The LiveShell features line and microphone inputs and has internal mixing capability. A “Dashboard” on a PC can control the LiveShell attributes and insert still images and subtitles into the video. The Contour+ and Cerevo LiveShell are available January 21. The LiveShell is priced at $299 and the Contour+ is $499.