RCS & RDS Romania chooses Quantel for HD news

Leading provider of TV, internet and telephony services relaunches news service with Enterprise sQ and QTube

RCS & RDS, Romania's leading provider of TV, internet and telephony services, has chosen Quantel Enterprise sQ HD production systems to serve all its central and regional news production needs.

The Quantel solution includes a large central Enterprise sQ system at RCS & RDS's Bucharest headquarters, and three regional Enterprise sQ systems for its regional studios in Romania. Regional users will be able to access and work with content created in Bucharest using Quantel's revolutionary QTube technology, which enables media professionals to access and edit content anywhere using standard internet connectivity wherever they are located.

The central system in Bucharest boasts 850 hours of HD workspace, supporting 35 journalist editing stations, eight Final Cut Pro editors and two of Quantel's new GPU-powered Qube craft editors. The system is integrated with a 70 seat ENPS newsroom system, each seat with a Quantel sQ View application running in an ActiveX window, enabling journalists to view and edit Quantel media within the ENPS interface. Quantel Mission integrated media asset management takes care of scheduled recordings, import of files from third party agencies and contributors, and export of finished content to websites and other RCS & RDS partners. Mission will also be integrated with a large data archive so that journalists can quickly find historical media relevant to their story.

The three regional systems provide regional programming and opt outs from the main rolling news transmitted from Bucharest. These systems are compact but powerful HD Enterprise sQ systems with five desktop editors, a craft editor, file and video ingest and playout. QTube provides access to media held on the Bucharest system.

"Quantel was the obvious choice," said Alexandru Oprea, CEO of RCS & RDS. "They have a reputation for quality and great performance, and can also meet our demanding roll-out plan. Also QTube opens up highly productive and creative workflow possibilities for us; it means we can produce more informed and engaging news for our viewers."

"We are delighted that RCS & RDS has chosen Quantel to meet both its central and regional production needs," Said Martin Mulligan, Quantel Sales and Marketing Director. "This is also a perfect application for QTube, enabling RCS & RDS to get the most out of all its media assets and people."


About RCS & RDS

RCS & RDS is one of the most important operators in Eastern Europe, providing telecommunication services in Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Spain and Italy both for residential and business users.

A forward-looking company with 17 years' experience in providing telecommunication solutions, RCS & RDS has developed its own optical fibre telecoms infrastructure to deliver cable TV services, internet, mobile and fixed telephony. RCS & RDS offers 4play in Romania, 3play in Hungary and Slovakia, mobile telephony services in Spain and Italy and satellite television in all its markets.

In Romania, RCS & RDS is the leading provider of internet, cable and satellite television and is also the biggest alternative provider of fixed telephony. RCS & RDS is the only telecommunications company in Romania to offer full packages of four services: cable and satellite television, high speed internet, fixed telephony and mobile telephony, all with the most accessible pricing in the market.