OOH Video chooses TV One C2 Switcher/Scalers for LED install.

The Proper Tool for the Job

OOH Video chooses TV One C2 Switcher/Scalers for LED install.

ERLANGER, KY, October 12, 2007--In days gone by, the only way to see a huge video display was to visit a professional sports venue. Nowadays you will encounter extremely large format video displays even along the highways in the form of electronic billboards. Most displays utilized by advertising agencies are intended to be interfaced with computer video signals, not television type signals. So what do you do if you need the ability to display both types of images?

That‘s a question that Lightvision Media Network of Vancouver, British Columbia asked OOH Video Systems, Ltd, Suite 215-2323 Quebec Street in Vancouver and their answer was “Let us try something as a test. We think we have a perfect solution.”

Lightvision recently upgraded the electronics in one of their western Canada screens and constructed a second screen in the same area. The screens were 21 ft. wide and 12.6 ft. tall and there was a concern on the part of both customer and vendor that any artifacts introduced by scaling a standard NTSC television image down to a VGA window would be extremely apparent on a display so large.

OOH Video has been in the Video Systems business for many years so they were aware of the problems they could get into if they used the wrong product for this application. They needed a very high quality, yet inexpensive processing device (due to budget constraints) so they decided to try TV One‘s Corio2 ® product because of a favorable impression formed when they visited TV One‘s booth at NAB.

OOH Video chose two TV One products, the C2-2200 and the 1T-C2-200. The C2-2200 is a Video Switcher/Scaler with DVI output and is being used in the Greater Vancouver Area at the intersection of Hwy 99 and Hwy 17. The 1T-C2-200 Video Scaler is used for the signage at the intersection of Hwy 91 and Nordel Way.

“The TV One Corio2 products worked perfectly and the set-up, ease of use and overall video quality far surpassed our expectations,” according to Mark Spevakow, President of OOH Video Systems. “I am extremely impressed with the TV One products we‘ve bought to date. They all come very well packaged; complete with all the cables you might use -- even a high quality DVI cable.”

The scalers take the standard 720 X 480 DVD Quality NTSC Video and convert it to VGA. They re-size the image down within that VGA Window to match the exact resolution of the LED Video Screen. In this case the resolution is 192x320. The results were more than acceptable to Lightvision, a tribute to OOH Video‘s insight and technical knowledge.

“They also have nonvolatile memory so if power gets lost all of the setting we were using will be restored once power returns, said Spevakow. “The picture quality is much better than we expected for the price of the units.”

For more information regarding TV One contact Amy Fraley at 859-282-7303. For more information on OOH Video, please contact Mark Spevakow, 866-606-1846.

From TV One, 1350 Jamike Drive, Erlanger, KY, 41018, 800-721-4044, 859-282-7303, http://www.tvone.com.