Mastering Engineer Michael Romanowski Adds "Requisite Audio" Limiter to His San Francisco Studio

San Francisco, CA - October 19, 2011 - Mastering Engineer Michael Romanowski recently installed the Requisite Audio L2M Mk III M/S Version dual channel mastering limiter in his San Francisco mastering studio. The L2M Mk III is an optical limiter based on classic designs of the early 1960s featuring point-to-point hand-wiring, as they were, but includes many technical improvements aimed at offering the mastering engineer specialized capabilities such as make-up gain settings to +17dB in 1dB stepped increments, control of vacuum tube harmonics, frequency-based limiter response and more. Romanowski has a thriving audio mastering business in the heart of San Francisco, serving the diverse local music community as well as national and international clients.

"The Requisite Audio L2M Mk III is a great addition to my mastering equipment line-up," states Romanowski. "It certainly offers me a totally new palette of sound control for making clients' masters. Having a wider choice of outboard gear with impeccable specs and unique control like the L2M lets me get even deeper into the sound."

Other unique L2M Mk III features include the 'Limiter Feedback' adjustment for controlling the amount of vacuum tube harmonic texture and amount, giving the engineer control of even more sonic shaping. The variable 'Limiter Response' control allows gain reduction to work less obtrusively at low frequencies, offering a significant smoothing of mid and high frequencies above 1-kHz and a tight and 'punchy' bass response in lower frequencies.

Besides its strong mastering feature set, the L2M Mk III limiter is also meant to support live tracking and mixing with capabilities such as 'Mid /Side' for stereo tracks recorded using stereo micing techniques, and a 'Stereo Level Ride' control allowing the engineer to make manual adjustments to level transitions within the analog domain.

Michael Romanowski has mastered music in the San Francisco Bay Area since his move from Nashville in 1994. He recently became President of the San Francisco chapter of the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) and he is currently serving as the Chairman of the SF NARAS chapter's Producers & Engineers Wing. Romanowski traces his legacy through several generations of mastering engineers in the Bay Area from George Horn and Phil Brown to Paul Stubblebine. He has worked with seminal San Francisco artists including Norton Buffalo, Third Eye Blind, Big Brother and the Holding Company, George Winston, Pat Monahan, Jacqui Naylor, Spencer Day, Suzanne Ciani, Joe Craven and many other national and international artists and producers. Romanowski's mastering room features: Pacific Microsonics Model 2 A/D/A converters, Focal Grand Utopia EM speakers, ATR 102 1-inch two-track tape deck, along with a host of other definitive analog and digital audio equipment.

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