IVC highlights HaiVision‘s MAKO-HD for Medical Applications at Broadcast LIVE, London

IVC highlights HaiVision‘s MAKO-HD for Medical Applications at Broadcast LIVE, London

January 30, 2008 - HaiVision Systems Inc. (Montreal, Canada), the world‘s leading vendor of performance H.264 network video encoders, announces that on Thursday (January 31) at Broadcast LIVE and VideoForum 2008, IVC Media is highlighting the MAKO-HD high definition (HD) codec within the important seminar “Streaming Media in Healthcare - The Cutting Edge of Video.” The seminar focuses on the latest video developments within healthcare including the integration of very low latency network video for collaborative medical efforts.

“Performance oriented appliances like HaiVision‘s MAKO-HD allow integrators to reliably deliver the highest quality video between procedure rooms, lecture theaters, and event remote facilities,” states Andre Ingram, Convergent Technology Consultant for IVC Media. “Because it supports multiple streams of high definition, the MAKO-HD is ideally suited for procedure rooms the can have three or more critical video sources such as the point of view camera, a scope, and other visualization sources. Having the lowest latency is critical for interactive applications such as consultation and training.”

The Broadcast Division of IVC Media has been recently formed through a merger with Team 4, specialists in broadcast & professional A/V systems integration. IVC Media designs and develops advanced audio visual systems for procedure rooms and integrates those systems as comprehensive network video solutions for healthcare institutions.

HaiVision is a leading supplier of network video appliances to the medical market and is dedicated to the progression of network video solutions within healthcare. HaiVision‘s products are used extensively for high quality video streaming and communication within healthcare and due to their excellent video quality and low latency have been used for leading edge telesurgery efforts. The newly released MAKO-HD encodes high definition video up to 1080p resolution with less than 70 milliseconds of latency.

IVC Media is exhibiting at Broadcast LIVE, stand G18.

Plan to see HaiVision and the MAKO-HD at NAB booth SU11626. For complete information on HaiVision‘s MAKO-HD visit our download center at www.haivision.com/account/downloads/.

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Based in Montreal, Canada, HaiVision Systems Inc. is a private company dedicated to improving the way people work through the use of advanced network video technology. HaiVision‘s products are widely deployed within the foremost telepresence suites and boardrooms worldwide. They are also used in the medical field supporting information and service delivery within hospital campuses and across nations. The most progressive educational institutions also use HaiVision technology for distance education - continuous presence network video systems linking specialized teachers with students throughout K-12 and higher education systems.

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