Dielectric Taps Les Kutasi to Expand Mobile Media Operations

Dielectric‘s Activities in Mobile Media Market Grow Significantly With Key Sales

RAYMOND, Maine -- Nov. 27, 2007 -- Dielectric Communications, a division of SPX and a leader in broadcast antenna systems, has promoted Les Kutasi to the role of Director, Mobile Media Business Development. In this position, he will oversee customer needs and business trends in the mobile media market and will help to foster new sales both domestically and internationally.

“This is an exciting time for me to lead Dielectric‘s mobile media team, with many new opportunities both in the States and abroad as companies explore new ways to reach their customer base. Domestically these customers will leverage the current mobile media spectrum, which is being auctioned in early 2008, and internationally similar frequencies are being set aside as announced at the World Radio Communications Conference in Geneva,” said Kutasi. “Dielectric has developed a number of antenna and filter products specifically for the mobile media marketplace and is committed to responding to the needs of this market as it continually evolves.”

Kutasi has 17 years of experience with Dielectric, giving him a comprehensive understanding of the business with roles ranging from production and project management to customer service and sales. He will oversee many of the company‘s key mobile media sales, including the current MediaFLO nationwide network, as well as the Hiwire installation in Las Vegas. Dielectric also has developed antennas and filters for the 1.7-GHz frequency, controlled by Telecom Ventures LLC, and has enrolled a number of businesses that are currently testing beta sites worldwide with Dielectric‘s equipment.

“The Dielectric engineering team worked hand in hand with our own engineering group to provide unique antenna and RF solutions that went above and beyond our expectations. They made significant contributions to our implementation, which combined multiple UHF frequencies to deliver 24 channels of mobile programming to consumers,” said Hiwire President and COO Scott Wills. “We are very pleased with the responsiveness of the Dielectric team and its support throughout the process.”

Information on Dielectric‘s full range of mobile media systems is available at www.dielectric.com.

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About Dielectric Communications (a unit of SPX Corporation)

Based in Raymond, Maine, Dielectric Communications (www.dielectric.com) is the nation‘s largest manufacturer of broadcast antenna systems for radio, mobile media, and television and also is the world‘s largest manufacturer of aviation obstruction lighting sold under its Flash Technology brand. Dielectric Communications is a leading provider of system and asset monitoring (M2M) solutions and operates a Global Operations Center in Franklin, Tenn.

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