BUG.tv’s Feedbuilder_Graphics System hits the mark at Boston’s WHDH News

WHDH Boston a NBC affiliate embraces BUG.tv’s nine channel FeedBuilder_Graphics system to dramatically increase the graphic elements in their 71/2 hours a day HD News Broadcasts

According to John Plunkett at WHDH, BUG.tv’s system significantly reduces their time to air graphic preparation as Feedbuilder_Graphics works directly with the native formats that WHDH’s Graphics departments generate from their FCP, After Effects and Photoshop systems. Their previous multi-manufacturer system required format conversion and transcoding Time, WHDH could not afford in a breaking news environment.

Streamlining this process with the Feedbuilder_Graphics solution gives WHDH the ability to quickly air a wide range of visual elements from edited Headline clips through to animated logos. The system automatically separates graphics with Alpha channels into Key an Fill sources for presentation to the GVG Kalypso Keyers without the timing issues of previous solutions . Plus using BUG.tv’s Secondary Events module in the loop mode WHDH can now extend the duration and impact of their animated logos. Previously the Graphic department would have to create this extension manually.

Streamlining, though a major benefit, is only one part of the story. The true strength of the Feedbuilder_Graphic system is its fluent integration with WHDH’s iNews automation system

Using iNews the News Director sends graphic requests to the Graphics Depatment. As each graphic element is completed the News Video Operator, who is able to view all available graphics files over WHDH’s internal file share network selects and loads elements into the Bug Stacker.The Brain/Mambo Server is notified and the selected elements automatically transfer into the nine available Class-BugMG Graphic Servers using the BXF protocol

Each Class-BugMG presents a Stacker Play List of graphic elements to the Video Operator so he can re-arrange and cue the Running order of each Class-BugMG to fit the News requirements for that time slot, whether it’s WHDH’s standard franchise news graphics or the more demanding late breaking news graphics. To simplify and speed up this process further, WHDH uses three Class-BugMG Servers for their Franchise Graphics under iNews MOS control and the other six for late breaking news elements.

The News TD can now select and roll graphics from the Stacker screen with or without alpha channels from any one of the Class-BugMG Servers into the GVG Kalypso News Switcher using direct AMP control, a VDCP Shot Box or simply GPI control..

Ease of operation, flexibility to adjust rapidly to late breaking news events, lower support costs with off the shelf Apple components and high impact visuals with minimal manpower resources make the BUG.tv Feedbuilder_Graphic System an invaluable asset in WHDH’s News operation’s efforts to win market share.

About BUG.tv

Established in 2003 by a small group of broadcast and IT engineers, BUG.tv’s vision from it’s inception until today was to provide operationally simple, innovative and inexpensive solutions for the broadcast environment. During this time BUG.tv provided Motion Graphic solutions for NBC’s Olympic venues in Turino, Beijing and soon for Vancouver 2010, plus NBC’s Superbowl commercial playout. Today, BUG.tv is focused on simplifying automation in all areas of ip/tv, including Live Events, News and Master control. BUG.tv’s solutions are currently reaching millions of viewers every day in Europe, South America, North America, Asia and the Middle-East.

About WHDH-TV (Channel 7)

Is the NBC-affiliated television station for Boston, Massachusetts, serving eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Its transmitter is located in Newton, Massachusetts. Owned by Sunbeam Television, WHDH is sister to CW affiliate WLVI-TV. The two stations share studios located at Bulfinch Place (near Government Center) in downtown Boston.The station is the largest NBC affiliate that is not a full network-owned and operated station

Sunbeam Television, which is based in Miami, Florida, owns that market's Fox affiliate, WSVN. WHDH and WSVN share resources when covering each other's news.

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