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ScheduALL SATCON Conference and Expo Preview

ScheduALL SATCON Conference and Expo Preview

Oct. 14-15, 2009

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York

Booth 805

ScheduALL Contact:

Lisette Reed

Tel: +1 (954) 334 5406


Agency Contact:

David Netz

Wall Street Communications

Tel: +1 (303) 329-0359


As the economic tides begin to turn, ScheduALL is recognized as a "must have" for companies who are looking for creative ways to become more efficient with fewer resources. As organizations streamline their businesses and drive efficiencies in the areas of content creation, management, and distribution, ScheduALL is the clear choice to meet these market needs.

Company Overview:

ScheduALL is the leading global provider of Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) products for the broadcast, satellite/transmission, and media industries. With a 20-year track record of success and more than 1,200 clients worldwide, ScheduALL is recognized as the industry standard for operational management solutions.

ScheduALL's comprehensive workflow and resource management solutions enable clients to optimize personnel, resource, and bandwidth utilization that translate directly into increased productivity and ROI. Additionally, ScheduALL's modular approach provides greater collaboration for users across multiple environments and locations. A few sample clients include BBC, FOX News, NBC Olympics, The Associated Press, Arqiva, IntelSat, Turner Studios, Mediaset, CBC, Virgin Media TV, RTL, and SES WORLD SKIES.

Products to be showcased at the SATCON 2009 Show:


ScheduLINK is the standard transmission management and optimization solution for the world's largest satellite bandwidth providers, television broadcasters, cable networks, and mobile uplink providers. Extensive satellite and terrestrial bandwidth configuration tools provide easy-to-read graphical transmission path scheduling and control over multiple business and technical variables. ScheduLINK's scalable framework and enhanced functionality enables easy to use Circuit Selection, Band Planning, Visual Path, Operations Management, and tracking of antennas, all of which build upon the world class performance of the ScheduALL core product.

Imagine the ability to manage quickly and accurately:

• Point to multipoint with Joins, Protected Circuits, Monitor Feeds, and Re-routes

• User selection by Source + Destination

• Circuit status direct from NMS

• Graphical display of network status on map

• Bandwidth use and allocation in advance

• Instant uplink and downlink graphics, for planning / forecasting

• All resources on task in real-time, with advance visibility of upcoming objectives

ERM Appliance Advances Collaboration

ScheduALL's Enterprise Resource Management appliance (ERMa) enables even greater degrees of collaboration for the media, broadcast and satellite industries. ERMa phase I functionality of resource sharing within the corporate network will be extended to include ScheduALL-to-ScheduALL interaction among independent networks.

ERMa phase II, will allow a studio with ScheduALL to engage and book projects with a post-production partner directly from their respective ScheduALL systems. Broadcasters will be capable of real-time bookings with specific satellite providers and transition from the current e-mail, phone call, and follow up processes.

With ERMa, ScheduALL users can seamlessly interact, book, and share resources across multiple facilities and companies, regardless of location. This groundbreaking interaction improves collaboration and speeds conventional time-to-market limitations by allowing "real time" asset selection and booking, from content creation through the distribution supply chain.

ScheduALL Core

ScheduALL's core products deliver automated cost controls, give the ability to monitor budgets, and provide management with tools to make informed decisions about the profitability of their operation.

The ScheduALL application simplifies the administration of facilities, equipment, asset libraries, personnel scheduling, quoting, billing, and payments for the broadcast, media, and entertainment industries.

As a core solution, ScheduALL interfaces with back-office accounting, human resource, and ERP systems, providing cost control and reporting functionality that drives unparalleled business analysis and increased efficiencies.

ScheduALL Interoperability

ScheduALL is leveraging its open architecture to enhance interoperability with legacy and custom applications. ScheduALL has partnered with industry leaders such as Grass Valley-Ingest, Tektronix-QC, Pro Consultant-Air Management, and ND SatCom-SNG. To provide even greater communication and management within workflow automation, ScheduALL is also working with vendor technologies such as Media Hub from IBM, SMPTE's Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF), and the Interactive Media Manager (IMM) from Microsoft.

ScheduALL wants to see you at SATCON 2009

To learn more about ScheduALL's enhancements and how this technology can benefit your organization, please visit our booth 805, or contact us at