NMT is State-of-the-Art with RTS VoIP

Los Angeles, CA National Mobile Television ( NMT) was founded in 1968 and operated as a division of the King Broadcasting Company. In 1992 the company was spun off as an independent entity. Oaktree Capital Management (a private equity firm) acquired NMT in 1997. The company grew rapidly during the 1990s, mostly through acquisitions including VTE, John Crow Productions, CTV (UK), and LFI. The current management team took over in 2000 and spent the next five years organizing the business. In 2005 the company divested CTV and sold off a portion of its fleet to NEP and used these proceeds to pay down debt and position for future growth.

NMT has three business units: NMT (trucks and crews for live events), Venue Services Group (Systems Integration and site management) and AEG Teleworks (a 50/50 joint venture with Anschutz Entertainment Group to run the Staples Center in Los Angeles).

NMT currently operates a fleet of 24 state-of-the-art mobile units in the United States and produces over 2500 live events per year. NMT's fleet has a diversity of units from HD to analog and from 53' double expandos to the recently added 30' Side-by-Side Units. The corporate headquarters is located in Los Angeles with branch offices in New Jersey, Orlando, and San Francisco.

RTS has been the primary supplier of intercom equipment for NMT for years.

NMT has approximately 200 employees including the largest technical staff in the industry. Our philosophy is to partner with our clients to achieve the common goal of producing high-quality sports, entertainment and corporate events. NMT is proud to stand with its impressive list of clients, which includes CBS Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, New England Sports Network, FSN Bay Area, Madison Square Garden, X-Games and KCAL among others. VSG's clients include the United Nations, New England Sports Network, NBC, FSN New England, and many religious facilities.

The newest Hi-Def mobile units with National Mobile Television were built for CBS to be used as their primary golf coverage trucks.

The AES-3 cards are used to feed audio sources already in the matrix to Wholer This allows the audio to come straight from digital AES routers into the ADAM Matrix and then ether be exported to AES destinations on the outputs of these cards, or converted to ether analog audio outputs via the AIO-16 or routed to VoIP destinations. Using the matrix as a digital to analog & digital to VoIP converter.

The A unit has graphics, video & audio positions. It also has a communications position for programming and intercom support. This ADAM has 15x AIO-16 cards for a total of 240 analog ports. The two frames are connected together by Tact 12 Fiber. The 4x RVON-8 cards are used to connect to RVON-I/O’s at different locations at the golf event.

One RVON-I/O is use to connect keypanels in a 3rd support truck with audio sub mix and an edit system.

They presently have 6x keypanels being used in this truck connected via RVON (VoIP) with one channel of the RVON-I/O being used as a “Hot Mic” feed from the director. A second RVON-I/O is used to connect the RF support truck back to the A&B unit.

This truck has 3x KP-12’s connected to the RVON-I/O and audio for the wireless PL taken from the RVON-I/O outputs. The third RVON-I/O is used to connect the production offices to the HD12 MU’s with keypanels in conference and viewing areas. The Last RVON-I/O is used for communications to the 18th green tower/studio site. Giving them full functioning KP-32’s and routable audio with Announcer talk back audio to production.

The system is configured for a quick and repeatable plug and play operation using standard fiber optic to Ethernet connections. The RTS RVON system can share Ethernet space with streaming video, and any other TCP/IP signals.

This truck has already done Pebble Beach and was the main truck at The Masters Golf Tournament with 384 ports used and a maximum of 480 available.

For more information, visit the RTS Intercom website: www.rtsintercoms.com