Outlisten chooses Singular Software’s CloudEyes to power crowdsourced concert videos

Automatic sync solution assembles recordings made by fans

Vancouver, British Columbia — April 11, 2012 — Outlisten, an innovative new platform for crowd-sourced concert videos that Wired Magazine called ‘a new music format’, has chosen CloudEyes™ —a media synchronization technology that lets producers and contributors share and mine footage remotely—as the foundation for their offering.

“At concerts, everyone has a camera in-hand. We asked ourselves—what’s the best way to share all that footage?” said Jeff Ponchick, CEO. “Uploading disconnected pieces of video to the web isn’t good enough. We wanted multi-camera live concert videos that were fan-made, fan-sourced, and fan-edited, and with an interactive viewing experience. We were thrilled to discover CloudEyes, a fantastic technology that makes it not only possible, but easy.”

The automatic synchronization technology of CloudEyes is used by video editors thousands of times every day to create everything from wedding videos to commercials to indie films. Like Singular Software’s family of post-production tools, it syncs without the need for timecode, clappers or any special preparation, and automates the most time-consuming of media preparation tasks—except now, all those production benefits have moved from desktop to cloud.

“Outlisten is aspiring to a new wave of crowd-sourced video production, and it’s exactly the kind of collaboration that we wanted to enable,” said Bruce Sharpe, Singular CEO. “CloudEyes will allow them to not only participate, but lead that charge.”

CloudEyes is based on the same multi-award winning technology that powers the popular PluralEyes® and DualEyes™ products that sync audio and video clips for multi-camera and dual-system audio applications.

About Outlisten

Outlisten is dedicated to a deeper connection between musical artists and fans through live concerts. Outlisten organizes fan-recorded videos, and stitches together any overlapping moments, turning an artist’s fans into their very own cameramen. Fan-recorded content already makes up a vast amount of an artist’s visual presence. Outlisten’s goal is to take that content, organize it through their product, and allow artists and labels to leverage and capitalize off it while engaging their audiences in an entirely new way.

About Singular Software

Since 2008, Singular Software has pioneered workflow automation for audio and video professionals. The breakthrough innovations of PluralEyes and DualEyes automate and simplify multi-camera, multi-take and dual-system audio productions, and integrate with the industry’s most widely used video editing software. For more information about Singular Software, please visit: http://www.singularsoftware.com.

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