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Broadcast Networks Refits Three OB Vehicles for Norway's OB Team

Systems integration specialist Broadcast Networks has completed the refurbishment of three vehicles for OB Team, the outside broadcast arm of Norway’s TV2.

The work, which was carried out to bring the vehicles in line with current technical specifications, had to be completed veryquickly as they were all needed to cover a variety of sporting events.

OB Team’s technical director Espen Frøysa says: “We chose Broadcast Networks for this project because time was of the essence and we needed a systems integrator that we knew we could rely on.

“We first worked with Broadcast Networks in 2006 when the company designed and installed two brand new High Definition vehicles for us. That was a major project and one that not only increased our presence in the market but also represented our first move into HD. Broadcast Networks rose to that challenge, so we felt confident that they would rise to this one. Due to the intensity of our production schedule it was imperative that the three vehicles we wanted refurbishing were back on the road fast as we simply couldn’t afford for them to be out of action for more than a couple of weeks each.”

The project got underway just before Christmas 2008 when Broadcast Networks and OB Team began discussing the new designs for each of the three trucks. Broadcast Networks’ engineer Chris King spent his holiday completing the designs and work started in earnest at the beginning of this year. To ensure a quick and smooth turnaround, the work was carried out at OB Team’s premises in Norway by Broadcast Networks staff.

The first vehicle to be tackled was OB61, one of the oldest trucks in the OB Team fleet. The entire engineering area was re-designed and re-fitted and four of its original 12 cameras were removed to make room for more VTRs and EVSs. A new DVD rack was also added, along with a new tally controller.

“We are very happy with the finished result,” Espen Frøysa says. “The work took about two weeks to complete and the vehicle has subsequently been used to record a number of events, including the FIS World Cup Alpine Ski Racing at Kvitfjell.”

OB66 was the next to undergo transformation. This was more complex because it involved fitting equipment into a truck that had previously been used as a tender vehicle.

Chris King explains: “Desks and rack had already been installed by the coachbuilders before we got to work. Our job was to transform it into a 6 camera SD vehicle using some new equipment and some equipment that had been recovered from another decommissioned OB vehicle.”

Given the time and space challenges presented by this project, OB Team was very happy with the result. OB66 has already proved itself on a number of productions and Espen Frøysa says OB Team’s engineers are delighted with it.

The third and final vehicle to be refitted was OB64. This 16-camera vehicle was re-designed to incorporate more EVS positions and additional server machines. A new tally and router control was also installed. Although currently an SD truck, a new multiformat Sony vision mixer was installed in preparation for its eventual transition to High Definition. Broadcast Networks also installed an NVision NV8288 high density router, increasing the truck’s capacity from 64 x 64 to 180 x 128.

“Overall, Broadcast Networks did a marvelous job on all three vehicles,” Espen Frøysa says. “The work was carried out to a very high standard and everyone involved should be proud of what we have achieved. We now have a fleet that is technically up to date and ready to face any production challenge.”


About Broadcast Networks Ltd:

Broadcast Networks is a UK based Systems Integrator with clients the world over. Started by Jan Haye, an internationally renowned broadcast professional, they have over 20 years experience in the industry. From High Definition studio systems to Outside Broadcast vehicles, on location communications to satellite uplinks, Broadcast Networks offer a totally integrated and bespoke solution. The systems team’s technical experience means it can meet today’s demands for both Broadcast and IT-centric designs and implementations. Its very flexible approach and a high level of commitment and service ensure it meets all customers’ needs.