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Primestream - NAB 2012 Preview

Company Overview:

Primestream software solutions enable broadcasters and media organizations to create, manage, and distribute content over the air via satellite, and to "second" screens such as mobile phones, tablets, and the Internet. The Primestream B4M FORK line of products combines multiple modules in a single, integrated software suite. The range of functions that FORK provides, from industry-leading digital asset management to advanced metadata and scripting, empowers media companies to implement automated workflows that free human resources to do what they do best -- create.

Based on an open and hardware-agnostic architecture, FORK integrates with the most common broadcast equipment and hardware from a wide range of computer and broadcast hardware providers. This high level of integration provides total control for end-to-end management of the production process of live news, sports, video production, and archiving, with significantly improved efficiencies that maximize the use and value of a client's media assets. Primestream delivers its solutions through a dedicated professional services and systems integration team -- a team that adheres to the industry's best practices and ensures the highest possible engineering standards.

Deployed in more than 300 broadcast operations in more than 40 countries, Primestream's B4M FORK software suite is a proven solution for complete facility management. Primestream customers include some of the world's leading broadcasters, such as CBS Sports, CNN, NYSE, NASCAR, NFL, CNBC, Reuters, Star News India, SunTV, RTL, Current TV, Albavision Network, Disney, Formula 1 Europe, and many more.

More information about Primestream and B4M FORK software solutions is available at or

Primestream Products at the 2012 NAB Show:

NEW! FORK Xchange Suite(TM)

At the 2012 NAB Show, Primestream will debut FORK Xchange Suite(TM), a professional Web application that empowers broadcasters with an easier and faster way to work together in a collaborative environment. The platform fully integrates with FORK Production Server and provides instant access to media when and where it's needed -- on any PC, Mac(R) or iOS device. Features include the ability to browse, add metadata and markers, trigger FORK action scripts, and transfer media from and to multiple remote production servers.

Photo Caption: FORK Xchange Suite(TM)

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NEW! FORK Shot List Editor

New at the 2012 NAB Show, FORK Shot List Editor is a fast, light, easy-to-use FORK Editor module. Its visual interface allows editors to start editing within minutes using materials like clips or sub-clips, with multiple frame rates and markers from the media asset management interface. The shot list and timeline editor can finish new clips with speed so they can be ready for air promptly.

Photo Caption: FORK Shot List Editor

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FORK for Final Cut(R) Server

A viable option for Final Cut(R) server users, FORK can migrate all Final Cut server assets, asset metadata, and productions into FORK clips and projects with the option of leaving existing assets in place. FORK supports extensive scripting, including command lines, XML import/export, email notifications, user groups, and permissions. The cross-platform FORK client supports property forms and searchable marker metadata, as well as ingest and playout operations.

Photo Caption: FORK for Final Cut(R) Server

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Enhanced Adobe(R) Premiere(R) Pro Integration

Also at the 2012 NAB Show, Primestream will be demonstrating FORK's enhanced level of integration with Adobe(R) Premiere(R) Pro on Windows(R) and Mac(R) OS X(R). Using a newly developed panel, Premiere Pro users are able to search and browse the FORK media asset database with speed; select clips, bins, or timelines created in the FORK Editor; and simply drag those items into a Premiere project. When an edited sequence is complete, users can send the project -- ready for air -- to FORK or into a newsroom system placeholder.

Photo Caption: Enhanced Adobe(R) Premiere(R) Pro Integration

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Integration With Harmonic's MediaGrid(TM)

Now FORK's broadcast automation and media asset management software suite allows users to control everything -- from ingest to edit, playout to rendering -- on Harmonic MediaGrid(TM). FORK can simultaneously record multiple concurrent streams of HD video straight to the MediaGrid, allowing live proxy generation with customized metadata and immediate live editing. Integrated media management provides a window into content and accelerates workflow with dynamic search tools and powerful scripts and triggers to automate tasks based on metadata status.

Photo Caption: Integration With Harmonic's MediaGrid(TM)

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Integration With Sony(R) XDCAM(R) Station

The B4M FORK software suite integrates with Sony(R) XDCAM(R) Station to control, record, manage, and play out live and file-based media. FORK allows complete control over XDCAM Station's SxS cartridge, XDCAM Disc, internal hard drive, and HD-SDI inputs and outputs from acquisition to playout. XDCAM Station also allows for simultaneous record and playback with FORK Multi-Ingest or Playout modules. Broadcasters can use the XDCAM Station with FORK ingest for SxS memory card and Professional Disc media, or on location for live recording and material sharing between camera operators and production staff.

Photo Caption: Integration with Sony(R) XDCAM(R) Station

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Company Quote:

"At the 2012 NAB Show, Primestream will be demonstrating our latest solutions in media asset management and facility control from our FORK production suite. We believe strongly in automating facilities wherever possible so that the people who run them are free to focus on decision making, communicating, and creating. The products we'll be showing at NAB give broadcasters even more ways to optimize their operations and maximize their efficiencies -- from ingest to playout and archiving -- all on the same platform." Claudio Lisman, CEO, Primestream | B4M