Ianiro's IANILEDs Arrive In the UK

IANILED, the latest LED lighting technology from Ianiro, captured the attention of many of the UK‘s leading production companies when it was shown at Broadcast Live by Ianiro UK.

“We are delighted with the amount of interest these revolutionary products generated,” says Ianiro UK‘s managing director Nick Allen Miles. “Representatives from SKY, the BBC and many other top production companies came to see them at Broadcast Live because they recognised that IANILED is the most exciting development to hit the production lighting business for years.”

The UK dealer channel was also drawn to the Ianiro UK stand and was quick to place orders for the new lights. In fact, business was so brisk that Ianiro UK‘s first batch of stock from the Italian manufacturer was completely sold out by the end of the show.

IANILED, which received its European premier at IBC 2007 where it won a best of IBC2007 Editors award from TVB Europe, has moved Ianiro into an exciting new area. LEDs were originally introduced for signage and decorating purposes, but the technology‘s ability to deliver a cool and effective light source has brought it firmly to the attention of the film and television lighting industry, which now sees this as the technology of the future.

By combining the Ianiro name with LED technology, the company has reinforced its reputation as an innovator- a reputation it has held since the 1950s when it was the first to create industry portable luminaires using incandescence and halogen sources.

The IANILED range is the culmination of three years research into correcting the white balance problems that have previously plagued LED technology. To solve the blue and green bias that makes existing white LEDs look cold, Ianiro has carefully blended selected, latest generation LEDs to create lights that achieve a colour temperature of 5600K - the standard for traditional day lights. This is achieved by incorporating a sophisticated microprocessor within the Driver Domino Cube (patent pending), which allows IANILED products to be dimmable to a constant colour temperature of 5600K and adjustable towards warmer or cooler tones, depending on the environment and the complexion of the person being filmed or photographed.

As well as offering the ultimate in flexibility, these new LEDs also deliver a very high Colour Rendering Index, making them colour enhancing without the use of a gel or filter.

Initially targeted at location shooting, the first products available in the new range are the IANILED 6 and IANILED 7 (with six and seven LEDs respectively), and the IANILED 54, which has three individual rings of lights that can be used as one large but flexible light or split into three lights. Ianiro plans to follow these with a range of studio LED soft lights, which will be introduced during 2008.

Nick Allen-Miles says: “A number of new LEDs and accessories, from electronics to optics, are now finding their way onto the market, which indicates just how quickly this technology is expanding. The new IANILED range offers numerous advantages over conventional lighting, not least the fact that they are long lasting, low power, cool, robust and easily dimmable with no change in colour temperature.”

Independent tests carried out by Spanish broadcaster TV3 proved the superior performance of the new lights. At five meters, the LEDs were measured to be SEVEN times brighter than conventional 150W Fresnels, while their green credentials are unquestionable thanks to their low power consumption and longevity.

“If you were to turn on an IANILED light now, it would take 11 years to run out - or 80 years if you were to run it for four hours a day,” Allen-Miles adds. “Ianiro has devoted an enormous amount of R&D resources to developing this range. The results speak for themselves and we are very excited that the first products are now making inroads into the UK market.”

Ianiro has drawn on its stylish Italian image and heritage to promote the new IANILED range. The company‘s promotional and sales literature features a beautiful model whose dark complexion perfectly offsets the ‘pure white‘ of the IANILEDs, while the logo for the new range was inspired by the original 1950s Ianiro trademark.