Christie L2K1000 And Christie L2K1500 Herald New Era In Affordable LCD+ Projection

LCD entered a new era today with the introduction of the Christie(r) L2K1000 and Christie L2K1500 digital projectors at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas. The Christie L2K1000 targets users demanding HD and HD+ resolution for medium to large venues including government facilities, houses of worship, and higher education multi-purpose rooms and auditoriums, while the Christie L2K1500 addresses rental stagers requiring 15,000 ANSI lumens and HD+ resolution with an affordable price. Both projectors are engineered with Christie 4DColor(tm) technology for lifelike colors.

Christie L2K1000 Provides 10,000 Lumens and Affordability

"The Christie L2K1000 provides full HD and HD+ resolution; perfect for HD content such as high resolution CAD files, while HD+ resolution and picture-by-picture provides brilliant images and true collaboration in widescreen videoconferencing," said Frank Anzures, Business Products product manager, Christie. "This is crucial because customers can now reproduce full HD content from their camera and project at true HD resolution."

Christie has also expanded the color gamut with 4DColor(tm) providing higher contrast ratios and richer, true-to-life colors and skin tones.

"Previously, 4DColor was available only with lower lumen models but now you can enjoy the benefits of richer colors in higher lumen projectors," added Anzures. "We have engineered Christie color performance into the L2K1000 to make this a unique product on the market. This unit allows Christie to fulfill the needs of a market that, until now, couldn't afford this level of high brightness and resolution. And, with its 4DColor capability and Christie's renowned service and support, the Christie L2K1000 is a premium product at an affordable price."

Unprecedented Heights in Brightness and Resolution for LCD at 15,000 Lumens

The Christie L2K1500 signifies the introduction of affordability in HD+ resolution with 15,000 ANSI lumens for the rental staging market.

"The Christie L2K1500 provides our customers ultra-high brightness and 2K resolution with the affordability of LCD technology," said Anzures. "With Christie's exclusive 4D Color technology, the Christie L2K1500 is perfect for HD Blu-ray, 1080p video content in large venues. This is a new design for Christie in a 4-lamp system and the first time we have offered hot-swappable lamps in an LCD projector. This 4-lamp system includes illuminated status indicators so customers can identify and replace expired lamps without stopping the performance."

The Christie L2K1500 operates in several economy modes and its integrated interval lamp switching extends lamp life. Premium operating modes include lamp light balancing - a mechanism ensuring each lamp maintains uniformity, guaranteeing sharper and brighter colors. Durable and stackable, Christie L2K1500 comes with an optional smoke filter kit to protect it from pyrotechnics used during concerts and theatrical productions.

"The Christie L2K1500 incorporates the latest generation of inorganic high resolution LCD technology and raises the performance bar to new levels," concluded Anzures. "The combination of ultra-high brightness, HD+ resolution and affordability meets the demands of the rental staging market."

The Christie L2K1000 ships in May and the Christie L2K1500 ships in mid-June.

About Christie

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