Front Porch Digital Introduces DIVAprotect™, Robust Security for Digital Content

LOUISVILLE, Colo. -- April 8, 2008 -- Front Porch Digital today announced the availability of an optional enhancement to its DIVArchive™ content storage management (CSM) solution that protects precious content from the ravages of data tape and drive degradation by continually monitoring digital storage infrastructure. DIVAprotect™ brings a new level of long-term content protection, management, and security to DIVArchive, the industry-leading CSM solution.

CSM solutions are reliable workhorses within a file-based facility, but content storage also relies on physical devices such as data and tape drives whose degradation by time, motion, and environment can cause performance glitches and even outright content loss. Until now, the only way to solve the problem was to schedule periodic replacement of drives and media regardless of whether failure was likely, which was potentially a waste of time and money.

DIVAprotect actively collects quality and performance data with each and every DIVArchive transaction and analyses whether the information indicates the probability that any individual file-based media object in the system could be at risk. When DIVAprotect determines a particular storage device is at risk, it identifies media objects that might be affected and alerts technical staff to the problem so that they can respond proactively -- before trouble strikes.

The easy-to-understand data collected by DIVAprotect can be used to make decisions on migrating content, recycling defective media, and cleaning or preventive maintenance for library drives. With this information in hand, users will have confidence that their digital assets will always be available when needed. Also, while DIVAprotect includes a set of predefined metrics based on the extensive global experience of Front Porch Digital, other metrics can be user-defined using an intuitive configuration interface. The flexible metrics engine allows full definition of statistical methods, roll-up parameters, and retention periods for all collected data.

“Like all Front Porch products, DIVAprotect proceeds from the premise that knowledge is power,” said Brian Campanotti, chief technology officer for Front Porch Digital. “In this case, the useful and easy-to-understand data continually collected by DIVAprotect empowers content owners to monitor easily and efficiently what‘s going on within their systems, and to take appropriate steps to avoid content loss or other issues long before there is a problem.”

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