All-Digital Intercom Platform That Delivers Greater Performance, Usability and Value

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, 10 SEPTEMBER, 2010 ─ Clear-Com®, a global leader in mission-critical voice communication systems, unveils HelixNet™, a unified, all-digital intercom platform that will change the way intercom systems are set-up, managed, used and experienced. The HelixNet platform was developed from the ground up with five design concepts in mind: cabling simplicity, ease-of-use, networking flexibility, system intelligence and audio clarity. These design principals will be demonstrated in the first two HelixNet products, HelixNet Main Station (HMS-4X) and HelixNet Beltpacks (HBP-2X), previewed at IBC 2010 (Stand 13.C26).

Communication technology for today’s productions must be highly advanced and more dynamic than ever before, yet continue to deliver the simplicity of the plug-and-play intercom systems of the past. HelixNet provides this foundation in the following ways:

Flexible and simple cabling and networking are major benefits of this HelixNet platform. All products on the platform are designed to work on a wide variety of twisted-pair cabling, such as microphone cables and CAT-5; HelixNet can operate over a facility’s pre-existing cabling and, soon, Main Stations will be able to connect via standard LAN / IT network infrastructure. Moreover, power and all audio channels are transported over a single cable. HelixNet beltpacks interconnect passively facilitating dynamic cabling options: Y-splits, one-to-many splits, daisy-chaining beltpack to beltpack along with a mix of wire guage.

Ease-of-use system design allows users to simply “plug-and-play.” HelixNet is compatible with all of Clear-Com’s well-known intercom systems such as the Encore party-line and the 4-wire Eclipse Matrix wired and range of wireless systems. No preconfiguration is necessary. The Main Station provides expansion bays that accept optional 2-wire and 4-wire interface modules enabling seamless connections to virtually any 2-wire or 4-wire audio source.

System intelligence provides HelixNet with exciting new intercom functions, including an autocheck feature that checks beltpack firmware upon connection and updates accordingly as well as a USB Connection for the Main Station to easily conduct software and firmware maintenance and updates.

High audio clarity is retained with the company’s signature, “Clear-Com Sound,” and further enhanced with digital precision. The high signal-to-noise ratio on each system ensures users can hear each word with absolute clarity from the moment it is spoken.

Furthermore, the HelixNet powered 2-channel beltpack is the most rugged and ergonomic beltpack designed to date. It features unique tactile controls for intuitive touch operation and bump-proof volume knobs, making navigation on this feature-rich 4 channel system easy to master. Beltpacks also feature high-contrast OLED status displays for easy visual operation. Its extremely rugged design assures reliability and durability that will last through the most demanding conditions.

“HelixNet is the latest stage of our intercom evolution that combines the powerful configuration and network management capabilities of a matrix system with the flexible cabling and simplified user interface attributes of 2-wire party-line systems” says Chris Barry, Product Manager of HelixNet at Clear-Com. “HelixNet delivers the new standard for mission critical voice communications—complexity simplified, unparalleled voice intelligibility, and dependable hardware operating-over the dynamic networks of today and tomorrow.”

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