NEW YORK, N.Y., October 9, 2009 – Imagine watching a video online, and being able to contact the featured speaker. You can on HDCameraGuide.com. The site, which features broadcast and professional HD cameras, lenses, and accessories – and which has a complete reference and review guide for consumer camcorder and digital cameras – has added a new feature that lets the viewer “Ask This Speaker a Question.”

The feature is available on all broadcast and professional product videos, as well as the site’s exclusive Learning Center videos at http://hdcameraguide.com/guide/faqs/learning-center-videos.

Viewers can use this feature to ask television technology consultant Mark Schubin to elaborate on a point he made during his video tutorial on HD camera-imager sizes. They can submit their question to Larry Thorpe of Canon’s Broadcast Division’s HD optics authority, while watching his video on the importance of quality camera optics. They can even reach out to veteran director of photography James Mathers to ask which HD cameras are gaining popularity for Hollywood feature production.

“Interacting with our exclusive Learning Center videos is one more advantage we offer at HDCameraGuide.com,” states Bob Richards, Director of Video Services. “It’s not a real-time podcast, which means you don’t have to sit at your computer and wait for an answer. You can watch the Learning Center videos anytime, email your question for the experts, and read the email reply at your convenience.” Visitors can also register for Learning Center video updates free and easy.

Since its launch less than a year ago, HDCameraGuide.com has become the fastest growing online guide to broadcast/professional and consumer HD cameras.

The site is video-rich and includes tutorial videos – as well as product videos – from such companies as Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Ikegami, Grass Valley, and many more.

HDCameraGuide.com also features three unique Interactive Selector Guides.

The first is an interactive Teleprompter Selector. It enables visitors to select their camera brand and model, type of lens, pan/tilt head brand and series, and then receive first- and second-choice teleprompter model recommendations. The user can then find out more by clicking on either recommendation for complete details.

An interactive Camera Selector lets site visitors search by brand or application to find the camera that’s right for their particular needs.

Using the HD Lens Selector, visitors can chose the right lens for their camera brand, model, and intended use (news, documentary, digital cinematography, sports, etc.).

HDCameraGuide.com continues to generate Page One results on the leading search engines for a wide range of industry-specific keywords including “HD camera,” “best HD camera,” and many other brand/model-specific searches. The site also enables visitors to go to manufacturer websites without leaving HDCameraGuide.com.

About HDCameraGuide.com

HDCameraGuide.com is the premier source for HD Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories. Membership is Free. The site regularly features exclusive video interviews, product-introduction videos, a video-rich Learning Center, an Interactive Camera Selector, Lens Selector, and Teleprompter Selector, pertinent news, reviews, and more.