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Game Creek deploys Sony’s new multiformat, multi-transmission cameras

Veteran mobile production company Game Creek Video is outfitting three of its newest all-digital production trucks with 36 Sony HDC-2500L high-definition cameras, which feature the ability to send HD signals over a 3Gbps transmissions path (over either triax or fiber) and capture pristine images in 1080i/p or 720p HD resolutions as well as in 2x slow-motion. All accessories currently available for Sony’s existing HDC series camera can be used for this camera as well.

The Game Creek Video new trucks, planned to hit the road this summer to cover a variety of live sports and entertainment events, will also feature new Canon HD lenses, Grass Valley Kayenne HD production switchers, Calrec audio mixing consoles and Pesa video routers.

The company regularly works with ABC Sports, ESPN, FOX Sports, The NFL Network, HBO, NBA Entertainment, YES Network, MASN, and Comcast Sports.

By allowing crews to produce a variety of live events in the 720p or 1080i/p HD formats with the same Sony camera, production companies like Game Creek are assured of a fast return on investment.

Using 3Gbps fiber transmission, the HDC-2500 cameras can capture full HD images while also providing high-quality 2x slow motion segments. The cameras also feature a triax cable interface, which enables simple integration with existing studio or outside broadcast infrastructures.

The HDC-2500L can be configured as a portable or studio HD camera system and features newly developed 16-bit Digital-Signal-Processing (LSI) chips and new CCD image-sensors. A signal-to-noise ratio of 64 dB can be achieved when “Noise Suppression” mode is applied.

In addition, the camera has a changeable transmission side cover that allows users to easily switch between fiber and triax environments.

Game Creek Video operates 13 HD units and 12 “B” units that provide on-site tape, graphics, and remote office support.