Logitek unveils updated Mosaic console

Logitek Electronic Systems has released an updated version of the Mosaic console.

First introduced in 2005, Mosaic consoles are used worldwide in Radio and TV on-air and production studios.

The new Mosaic features OLED screens throughout. Screens have also been added to the Softkey module along with Selector functions. Overall functionality was also updated, with easier access to multicolor on/off and selection buttons and better illumination of controls.

Frame sizes are available for consoles ranging from 4 to 24 faders. Mosaic consoles now feature attractive, easily installed tabletop enclosures that can be placed anywhere or moved out of the way when not needed. Power usage was also addressed in the re-design, with the new console consuming about a third less power than the previous model. Two styles of meter bridges may be used along with Logitek’s new vMix+ utility.

The new Mosaic console is now available, along with the small meter bridge. It is designed for operation both with the JetStream Networked Audio platform and Logitek’s AE-32 TDM router. The large meter bridge, incorporating a 7in LCD screen, will be available in late spring.