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Clear-Com releases enhancements to Tempest Digital Wireless Intercoms

Clear-Com released further enhancements to its Tempest Digital Wireless Intercoms at IBC2013.

The new Tempest CCT-RT-EX Remote Transceiver Line Extender is used to increase the maximum distance between a Tempest BaseStation and the Remote Antenna Transceiver. It expands the distance of a BaseStation signal to a remote antenna by as much as 3000ft (914m) with one Line Extender, or 2000ft (609m) per Line Extender if using more than one Line Extender. A total of three Line Extenders can be connected to provide total coverage of up to 7500ft (2286m). These solutions further enahnce the system's application for users requiring ultra-portable wireless communications in RF-rich environments.

In addition, Tempest2400 Seamless Roaming features allow Tempest2400 BeltStation users to move freely between as many as 16 different BaseStations (coverage areas or zones). This provides users with continuous wireless coverage without the need to reconnect to the BaseStation in each zone. This is useful throughout large venues separated by large distances, such as multi-studio broadcast complexes and sports arenas, or to help overcome RF signal barriers. With Tempest's Seamless Roaming, BeltStations function as they normally do while roaming, and there is no interruption of the signal because the BeltStations automatically switch from one BaseStation connection to another.