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Ask The Experts: This is YOUR blog!

If the headline to this blog entry seemed familiar, then pat yourself on the back because it means you've been a part of the Broadcast Engineering family for some time and remember the "Ask The Experts" platform from a few years ago. For that, we are extremely grateful, and I'll depend on you to help me get this entry going after a brief introduction.

For the rest of you (me included), "Ask The Experts" is new, it's exciting, and it is yours.

Each post, I will pose an industry question, provided by you — and it could be anything from "How do I better rig an antenna on my odd-shaped roof?" to "File-based workflows are great and all, but where do I even start?" I see these questions a lot in the Broadcast Engineering social media feeds (if you're not connected to us, see below and change that!). 

You need answers. Your stations and outlets depend on you for them.

I want to help bring them to you from your peers because chances are you are living and breathing the same issues in some form or another. That's why I said earlier that this is your blog.

As for getting your questions to the group, there are several ways, and you're going to see me push our social media platforms extremely often because, well, I love them and you should too:

1) Facebook —

2) Twitter —

3) Linked In — Join our "Broadcast Engineering and" Group! (opens in new tab)

4) Google+ —

5) Email me! — It's almost blasphemous to say, but I dig email. It's about the closest thing to letter writing that we have left in this save-a-tree world, so send 'em on. I know some folks shie away from the spotlight of a group discussion, but I know you still have questions like everybody else. Send them to

We are everywhere!

So, finally, before we set sail with the blog's first question, I'm doing this because I like to communicate and idea share. I've always been that way, even as an introvert. Why? Because my need for efficiency far outweighs my need to figure it out myself. If someone else has done it previously, tell me. I want to know in order to move quickly past my problem (and on to the next one...) .

I'll bet there are some of you who can relate to that, right? Yep. Thought so. Therefore, again, bring your questions, bring your thoughts and, most importantly, bring your ideas to help each other out!

That said, off we go with today's question, which is a broad one:

We all have our "own way" of doing things or enjoy a certain piece of equipment, even in our fast-paced, ever-changing, technologically driven world. But, when is an upgrade more important than "if it ain't broke..."?

What are your experiences? When did you hit your own tipping point?

Share your answers with us, and I look forward to responses.