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MultiDyne showcases SilverBack-II 4K

At IBC2013, MultiDyne showcased its new SilverBack-II 4K, which has been redesigned to provide a full complement of bi-directional signals for most any 4K camera on the market.

The unit's case has been refined to keep overall size and weight as small as possible without sacrificing performance or operability. Each unit is milled from a block of aluminum, and the result is a fiber transceiver that becomes a seamless part of the camera without angles and sharp corners. The display uses high-intensity blue LEDs that are easy for the operator to see, but are not intrusive.

Features include all signals on one cable, four 3G-SDI paths, 10km operation, intercom with IFB/PGM inject, two mic inputs with phantom and pre-amps, integrated tally lamps, camera RCP control and integrated swivel for optical connector.

The base unit is a standard 1RU enclosure with LED status indicators for each signal on the front and BNC, XLRs and multipin connectors on the rear for quick integration into an OB van or facility.