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Super Sessions at CCW

Below are just a few examples of the forward-thinking topics that are scheduled for CCW's Main Stage. Stay tuned for exciting speaker announcements!

UHD/4K Implementation: Practical Issues and Technical Realities

Almost every technical discussion about the near term future of television includes mention of UHD/4K. 4K television sets are starting to appear in the marketplace, but there are still many open questions. From the broadcaster’s perspective, the technical implementation issues need to be first be considered before deciding when and where to implement UHD/4K. Please join our expert panel as they discuss the technical realties of implementing UHD/4K.

Broadcast Minds: Secrets of Becoming the Next Broadcast Mogul?

We are in the middle of the internet television revolution. The technology to become a broadcaster is more affordable than ever and the web has given us a worldwide transmission system at an insanely low cost. Learn the secrets of creating your own web television network from this panel of big thinkers and broadcast minds who are leading the WebTV charge in their respective industries.

Breaking Out of the Silos – Creative Collaboration between Editors and Cinematographers

Production and post-production professionals work independently on most film and television shows. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t collaborate. Listen in as directors of photography and picture editors discuss the extraordinary impact that increased collaboration has had on filmmaking and in bringing their collective vision to life.