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Dejero spotlights LIVE+ VSET

At IBC2013, Dejero made the European debut of its LIVE+ VSET.

Using hybrid transmission technology, the 1U vehicle-mounted transmitter is designed to incorporate bonded cellular technology with satellite and microwave trucks. Hybrid transmission technology is a connection-agnostic approach to ENG that uses a broadcaster's existing systems to create versatile solutions that leverage a wide range of available transmission technologies to provide the best possible and most cost-effective transmission package available.

The LIVE+ VSET has the ability to switch seamlessly between Ka-band satellite and cellular or a combination of both in order to maintain the quality of the signal, and deliver high-quality video with latencies of 1.5 seconds, or even sub-second in certain environments. It also has an optional synchronous serail interface that supports a wide range of bit rates. By incorporating an ASI port along with an IP-based satellite connection and cellular bonding, the LIVE+ VSET provides flexibility in a 1U form factor.