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Haivison to preview HEVC over SRT technology

At IBC2013, Haivision's technology group — HaiGear Labs — will demonstrate end-to-end live streaming of HEVC/H.265 in combination with the company's newly developed Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) technology.

Specifically, Haivision's research and development team will demonstrate live baseband HD HEVC/H.265 encoding and live IP-to-IP HD HEVC/H.264 transcoding. For video backhaul challenges, combining HEVC encoding and transcoding is essential to maximize video quality and to assure stream ubiquity.

HaiGear Labs will also introduce SRT, and end-to-end transport technology that addresses the challenges associated with reliable transport of content across the Internet. SRT is designed to optimize video streaming performance over networks by providing security, resiliency and dynamic endpoint adjustments based on real-time network conditions. Currently in beta trials, SRT is part of a video stream workflow providing encryption, recovery from severe packet loss, detection of real-time network performance and dynamic endpoint adjustments for optimal stream performance and quality.

In the initial implementation, Haivision's encoders will feature SRT technology to allow for transport of high-quality, low-latency video across Internet connections. The first Haivison solutions to include SRT will be the Makito X series of H.264 video encoders and decoders, and KulaByte, Haivision's Internet encoder/transcoder for streaming live events and OTT broadcast channels.

For more information, visit Haivision at IBC Stand 14.482.