T-VIPS to Demonstrate DTT Video Backhaul Solutions

September 5, 2007
T-VIPS will show the backhaul solution powering the video contribution and distribution for Norway’s DTT network, which went live throughout Norway Sept. 1.

The T-VIPS solutions for DTT operators include three central headend Video Gateways: TVG410 for uncompressed SDI over IP networks; TVG 415/TVG430 for JPEG2000 compressed SD and HD SDI over IP networks; and TVG 420 for MPEG-2 transport streams over IP networks to transmitters.

Adaptation of MPEG transport streams includes CP510 for MPEG2 transport streams at regional head-ends, including the filtering and PSI/SI updates; CP520 for remultiplexing programs and PSI/SI updating at regional head-ends; CP540 for 1+1 redundancy switch-over between two MPEG-2 transport streams; and CP545 for the continuous monitoring of transport streaming, services and PIDs and PSI/SI tables.

Also shown will be the -VIPS Connect, which offers a new approach to the management and control of contribution and distribution over IP networks.

T-VIPS will be at stand 5.219.

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