WCNC Continues Move into HD News Production with SSL C10 HD Compact Broadcast Console

“In working with the C10, you start to realize you have a

Ferrari of an audio board on your hands”

CHARLOTTE, NC – Continuing its move into HD news and live production, NBC Charlotte(WCNC), a Belo-owned, NBC affiliate station, has installed a Solid State Logic C10 HD Compact Broadcast Console to replace an aging analog system. WCNC, a recipient of numerous Regional Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards for its news programming, is currently originating its productions in 16:9 widescreen standard definition. The addition of the C10 HD to the equipment line-up ensures an easy audio transition into full HD transmission for its recently completed, video screen-based news studio.

“We have one main control room that services the programming we produce live every day, including news programs and a mid-day variety show,” says Jodi Winterton, broadcast engineer for WCNC. “When we were told about the C10 HD coming our way, everyone was extremely excited. How could you not be happy with anything from SSL? The console is very intuitive and the ideas behind the technology make sense. In short, the C10 is super easy to use, especially for our second tier engineers, powerful and the SSL support people are amazing.”

The transition from the older analog audio workflow into the streamlined and flexible workflow presented by the C10 was very positive. WCNC uses an SSL Alpha-Link Live-R fixed configuration audio converter for I/O and Alpha-Link 8RMP remotely controlled microphone pre-amplifier units to carry live audio from the studio room to the console. From an installation standpoint, this was an amazing changeover.

”We only had several hours between shows to accomplish the changeover and it went very smoothly,” Winterton relates. “One of the amazing things is the ability to use fiber to connect from the mic units to the I/O to the console. How easy is this? When you begin a new production direction with a digital console, there is a degree of work habit hangover from the old ways. Our engineering staff learned the ins and outs of the C10 very quickly and now we don’t know how we ever survived in the past. In working with the C10, you start to realize you have a Ferrari of an audio board on your hands.”

Another element of appeal for the C10 is the Dialogue Automix and C-Play Production Assistants and the unique Eyeconix display system where pictures of talent, graphics or names are viewable under each channel meter.

“The Dialogue Automix is on all the time,” Winterton continues. “Our engineers can now focus on honing the audio and not riding faders. The integrated C-Play audio playout system is fully loaded with our open music, our tease music and any kind of sound effects or sound clips that we use. Every show has music specific to that show and it is all in C-Play for direct and easy access. Our engineers also like the Eyeconix display. Gone are the masking tape strips. Each engineer has his or her own displays saved for each of the shows. Collectively, these features really set working in digital apart from analog for this type of production. The SSL engineering team has really done their homework to provide a very powerful, good sounding console in the C10.”

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