NAB 2019: SSIMWAVE Knows The Score When It Comes To Video Quality

March 11, 2019 (Waterloo, ON, Canada) – SSIMWAVE®, the leading innovator in the science of seeing for the business of video, will address the perceptual video quality measurement concerns of the video industry during a multi-faceted presence at NAB 2019 next month. In two exhibits and a panel of industry experts, SSIMWAVE will discuss how every stakeholder in the content delivery chain can harness technologies that most accurately mimic the human visual system to optimize video Quality of Experience.

At South Upper Hall Booth SU6924 and in the SPROCKIT Innovation Pipeline in the North Hall, SSIMWAVE will show how the latest advances in its Emmy Award-winning Structural Similarity index method, SSIMPLUS®, can help the video industry measure and objectively score performance at every point in the delivery pipeline. The scores are used to A/B test and compare individual equipment components such as encoders, transcoders and packagers. They also are being written into Service Level Agreements between content handoffs internally and with third party providers. SSIMPLUS scores enhance existing QoS/QoE metrics, ultimately yielding the only one that matters, the end viewer score – what an ad supported or paying subscriber would see and say about the video quality they are watching.

SSIMWAVE Chief Science Officer and co-founder Dr. Zhou Wang – the inventor of SSIMPLUS and the Structural Similarity index method (SSIM) – will be a featured speaker at NAB on Monday, April 8. Dr. Wang will be a panelist at the “Getting to OTT 2.0 breakfast hosted by Light Reading. Speaking alongside Viacom senior vice president and Chief Technology Convergence Officer Glenn Goldstein and other panelists, Dr. Wang will discuss how SSIMPLUS system can help the video industry optimize data spend, ensure video quality excellence and viewer satisfaction, and reduce customer support costs.

“The industry’s ability to optimize video quality and bandwidth has been hamstrung by lack of consistent monitoring tools and metrics,” said Dr. Abdul Rehman, CEO and co-founder of SSIMWAVE. “We bring the unique capability to measure objectively video performance from source to display, producing a score that applies an apples-to-apples valuation to QoE across any network. In short, we make video better.”

The SSIMWAVE booth demo will include an end-to-end demonstration of SSIMPLUS, as well as a demonstration of how SSIMWAVE technology can verify performance of encoders, transcoders and other individual devices within live, on-demand and advertising workflows. In addition, the exhibit also will include an interactive display that will allow attendees to compare their impressions of video quality against actual SSIMPLUS viewer scores.