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With government-mandated provisions and trade association recommendations being put into place worldwide, it should come as no surprise that TV audio loudness monitoring, metering, measurement and processing tools dominate the preview announcements for the broadcast industry’s annual gear-fest.


Calrec Audio Hydra2 OperatorCalrec Audio’s new, remotely accessible Hydra2 Operator (H2O) management system allows users to configure and control Hydra2 networks independently from any console control surface, including via any tablet, laptop or PC with a browser.

Glensound Electronics is showing off the latest version of its GS-CU001 standalone sportscasting/reporting unit with remote, featuring five mixable headphone monitoring inputs for the two main commentators.

The Lawo mc²66 MKII offers six banks of two layers; every DSP channel parameter, as well as the configuration of free controls, can be individually transferred to any channel.

Renegade Labs is introducing the new high-resolution, multichannel Mx Meter Bridge for its digital audio mixer line, featuring customizable VU, PPM or K meter ballistics and a wide range of scales. The M16 digital audio mixer pairs a new 16-fader surface with the standalone 3RU 328|MXE chassis and accepts up to 32 inputs in various formats.

Roland’s M-300 32-channel digital console incorporates many of the features of the M-400 and M-380 V-Mixers.

Stagetec USA will introduce the On Air 24, a modular, flexible and scalable on-air broadcast mixing system with control surfaces laid out to the broadcaster’s specification.

Studer Vista 9Studer’s Vista 9 focuses on the operator experience, and now supplements its Vistonics interface with TFT-based metering, FaderGlow and numerous other innovations.

Wheatstone Corp. will introduce Dimension TV, which moves most audio functions out of the physical console and into a rack-based digital network, allowing for twice the processing capabilities of similarly priced products. Highlights include up to 3,072 with 72 faders, two 5.1 busses and more than 100 mix minus feeds.

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems and Dan Dugan Sound Design will launch the 16-channel Dugan-MY16 automatic mic mixing card for control of live microphones.


Avid will demonstrate the compatibility of Media Composer 5.5 software with Pro Tools HD|Native (both apps can run on the same computer) and Mbox, highlighting AAF support for locators/markers, RTAS effects and stereo tracks in the collaborative experience between Pro Tools and Media Composer.

Merging Technologies’ Pyramix Virtual Studio 7.1 includes new automation features. Pyramix Essentials is a cut-down version of Pyramix offering quick editing of content for network-based playout systems.

Singular Software has expanded support for Avid Media Composer software in PluralEyes, its automatic audio/video sync application. DualEyes, which automatically syncs and matches audio recordings and video clips, is now available for Mac OS X. Currently compatible with Sony Vegas Pro, Presto, which automates video package creation, will debut in a Final Cut Pro version.


Sound Devices CL-WIFIMerging Technologies’ ADR tool for the Pyramix Virtual Studio automates replay and record switching and manages independent take looping with multiple actors.

Sound Devices’ USBPre 2 is an all-new version of its popular two-channel computer audio interface that now includes Windows OS ASIO drivers. The CL-WIFI is a Wi-Fi access point that, with a companion iOS software app, allows iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch computers to control a connected 788T digital recorder.

New to NAB, the TASCAM HS-4000 records Broadcast WAV audio tracks to solid-state Compact Flash cards, operating as a 4-track recorder or as a pair of individual 2-track decks. TASCAM’s new HS-2000 recorder includes many HS-4000 features in a 2-track version. The RC-F82 mix controller, fader controller and talkback system expands the mixing facilities of the HS-P82 for location recording applications with eight 100mm faders and eight encoders to control trim, level or stereo pan.

TASCAM HS-4000Tieline Technology’s Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition turns the iPhone into a pocket-sized portable 15 kHz live IP audio codec and 20 kHz audio recorder for broadcast applications.


Broadcast Devices’ 5.1 Plus stereo monitor controller provides 5.1 metering and one-knob control with a spare stereo monitor channel.

DK-Technologies will feature its MSD and PTO600-series audio meters, such as the MSD600M++ and PTO600M. DK is also offering a free software update to enable these two products to use the new EBU R128 loudness recommendation, as well as the latest ITU BS.1770/1771 and ATSC standards.

RTW TouchMonitorDorrough will show its line of LED-based audio meters, including the 12-AES digital meter. The Dorrough 12-AES makes it easy to monitor audio levels from a distance.

Henry Engineering’s compact (1RU, 1/3 rack) Parametric Audio Monitor level meter displays the components of a stereo audio source.

RTW will highlight its TouchMonitor audio test system that can monitor and display up to 16 channels of audio on either a 7- or 9-inch touchscreen. It’s offered with a range of interfaces and software to allow use with any audio standard.

SSL DV will showcase Gravity Ion, which allows for the efficient recall and monitoring of live or recorded material.

TSL will launch the PAM2i-C, which adds external screen monitoring capability, IT network integration and advanced signal management functionality to the features of its PAM2-3G16. PAM1-3G16, which includes many of the features of the PAM2-3G16, will also make its world debut. The latest software release for PAM2-3G16—free to users—adds key features such as an aux input mixer, a split mono scroll mode and improved access to monitoring functions.

DK Technologies PTO600Wohler’s new 1RU MADI-8 monitor can be connected in series within a 64-channel MADI stream to audibly monitor up to eight channels. The AMP2-16V audio/video processing monitor features new enhancements, including SMPTE 2020 metadata monitoring support.


The self-powered, compact, 3-way Genelec 1238CF DSP monitoring loudspeaker can be combined with 8200/7200 series products in the same control network. The 1038CF is optimized for systems utilizing one or multiple subwoofers in medium-sized control rooms.

Neumann has gone beyond the microphone market with the KH 120 loudspeaker, a compact nearfield studio monitor for a broad range of monitoring environments.


Apantacv’s plug-and-play VGA-4/8/16-SE-232 extends VGA, audio and RS232 (half-duplex) signals up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) and offers a maximum resolution of 2048x1536.

ATI Audio’s DDA-416/WC106, a new addition to its Series 3 line, combines four 1x4 AES/EBU digital audio distribution amplifiers and a 1x6 clock distribution amplifier. The Series 3 MCDA-208/WC106 contains an ultra-low jitter 192 kHz studio master sync generator, two independent 1x4 AES/EBU digital audio distribution amplifiers and a 1x6 clock distribution amplifier.

Broadcast Devices’ GPM-300 series 1RU digital and/or analog audio routing and matrix switcher provides flexible DSP and a scalable modular design.

Making its NAB debut, Lawo’s Nova29 MADI router delivers 1024x1024 routing for as many as 16 clients, and offers integrated talkback and GPIO functionality.

LYNX Technik is rolling out new yellobrik SD/HD/3G modules, including the PDM 1284 embedder/de-embedder for four AES audio streams and the PDM 1382 for embedding/de-embedding four analog audio signals (switchable) into SDI streams.

The PESA DRS enterprise audio router can be scaled up to 6,144x6,144 by combining four data exchange engines; each DXE handles 1,536 I/O ports.

Sierra Video MADI-xxSierra Video will introduce its SierraView MADI-xx, a 1RU, 128x128 channel MADI routing switcher and converter with integral multichannel audio metering and signal fault alarms for up to two 64-channel MADI streams.

Tieline Technology will debut the Genie 1RU rackmount IP audio codec, which delivers multiple studio quality audio connections over wired LANs, WANs, the internet, satellite IP, wireless 3G/4G IP networks, Wi-MAX and WiFi.

Tieline’s new Codec Management System (CMS) is designed to manage an entire network of Tieline IP codecs and can remotely control and configure new generation Genie and Bridge-IT codecs, as well as Tieline G3 Commander and i-Mix codecs.


The new Audio-Technica AT2022 X/Y houses two pivoting X/Y unidirectional condenser capsules for narrow (90 degree) or wide (120 degree) stereo operation, plus a switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter.

A-T’s new BP893 MicroEarset head-worn mic provides an extremely inconspicuous omnidirectional miniature condenser with a lightweight, low profile design.

Audio-Technica BP893Azden Corp.’s compact SMX-20 directional stereo microphone is designed exclusively for high-performance HDSLRs.

Showing for the first time at NAB, the new MK 4 is Sennheiser’s first large-diaphragm side-address microphone.

Shure will preview its new Axient wireless microphone system, which is said to be the first wireless microphone system that can detect interference and avoid it automatically. Other features include frequency diversity, ShowLink remote control and the new Wireless Workbench 6 software interface. Shure will also launch the new PSM 1000 dual-channel, full-rack, professional monitoring system, which integrates seamlessly with Shure Wireless Workbench (WWB) software and features a true diversity-equipped low profile bodypack receiver.

Sony is introducing the compact lightweight ECM-VG1, which is ideal for compact professional camcorders with XLR inputs or for use with boom poles. It’s configured with a short cable fitted with a 1/8 inch (3.5mm) plug for connection with DSLRs or small camcorders. Also new is the ECM-CG50BP shotgun mic, offering a flat and wide frequency response (40 Hz to 20 Hz), excellent sensitivity of -33 dB, and a low inherent noise level of less than 18 dB SPL. It’s designed to be an extremely lightweight shotgun microphone, maintaining good balance even when mounted on compact camcorders.

Sony ECM-CG50BP shotgun micWIRELESS

Azden Corp.’s 310 series UHF diversity wireless system for ENG is available with body pack, XLR plug-in and handheld transmitters.

Audio-Technica will introduce the mtu301 UWB body pack transmitter, which utilizes SpectraPulse components immune to 700 MHz and spectrum crowding issues.

JK Audio’s BlueDrivers S series of mono and stereo RF audio transmitters and receivers is now equipped with aptX low latency A2DP coding.

The new Lectrosonics Quadra Digital Wireless IEM system offers digital RF transmission from AES/EBU or analog signals, two or four channels of 24-bit/48 kHz audio and a 4-channel receiver mixer.

The HH handheld wireless microphone transmitter features Digital Hybrid Wireless transmission for compandor-free audio. The WM belt-pack Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitter is designed for harsh environments, and may even be submerged.

Zaxcom will showcase its MicPlexer, which allows for seamless operation of wireless in a sound bag or cart without interference and intermodulation generation common to all sound bags with FM wireless microphones transmitting and receiving simultaneously. Also new from Zaxcom is Nomad, a small footprint mixer/recorder for ENG/EFP production.


Axia Audio is expanding its new IP Intercom networked-broadcast system with the introduction of a pair of new 20-Station desktop intercom stations.

Clear-Com DX210Clear-Com is introducing the HME DX210 digital wireless system, which replaced the DX200. It’s available in single or two-channel wireless intercom configuration and includes digital auto nulling. Also new from Clear-Com is the Tempest900 900 MHz digital wireless intercom, designed for large enclosed areas with thick reinforced walls and ceilings, such as TV studios and other structurally challenging environments. The company will also showcase its HelixNet Partyline unified communication platform, which comprises the HMS-4X (HelixNet Main Station) and the HBP-2X (HelixNet Beltpacks). Also being shown is v5.2 of Clear-Com’s Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS) for the Eclipse digital matrix intercom system, featuring automated setup of intercom communications and a simplified GUI.

Riedel will present a new member of the MediorNet family - the company’s fiber-based real-time network for 3G-SDI video, audio and communications. Riedel will also introduce the Artist CCP-1116 Commentary Control Panel, which combines the Artist 1100 control panels with a dual commentary unit.

RTS is extending the ADAM platform with a new, more compact matrix frame that supports eight interface cards in addition to redundant master controllers. The MADI-16+ card expands ADAM and ADAM-M configuration capabilities, allowing interconnection of 16 to 64 audio channels from AES-10-compliant devices over coaxial and fiber. RTS will introduce the new Zeus III LE and LE+ digital intercom matrices, which can also interface to RTS TW and other party-line systems.

Telex is presenting its BTR-80N narrow band synthesized dual-channel wireless intercom system, which supports up to four full-duplex wireless TR-80N or TR-82N beltpacks per base station.


Atlona Technologies’ sAT-3GSDI-HD2 is a 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI to HDMI with stereo audio converter that supports all audio formats up to 8-channel.

Axon Digital Design’s GRB100 is a 48x16-channel shuffler-re-embedder. The company is also showing the HAS05E, a remote controllable, 8-channel, 2-group preset-based HD-SDI embedded audio shuffler/mixer with individual gain, phase and delay control for each channel.

Cobalt Digital has added Dolby transcoding to all Fusion3G cards. EAS audio ducking, available on all Fusion3G cards, offers a custom GPI-triggered ducked mix of 5.1 or stereo program audio and EAS audio.

DaySequerra will highlight its DTS MultiMerge2, which renders stereo to 5.1 using DTS Neural UpMix. MultiMerge2 also features a DTS Neural LtRt downmix.

Harris Broadcast’s 6800+ Application series emphasizes only the most necessary features for each 6800+ series module, which include audio conversion and mux/demux, HD signal up-/down-conversion, frame sync and delay, and multi-source SD video decoding.

The Linear Acoustic UPMAX 5.1-channel upmixer can be controlled via the front panel, GPI inputs, or metadata from serial or VANC (SDI) sources applied to the unit.

Orban’s second-generation 8685 surround/2.0 processor offers new I/O capabilities, including support for SDI and HD-SDI and for Dolby E, and can simultaneously provide up to three channels of 2.0 processing. A new addition to the Sonifex Redbox series, the local or remote controlled RB-VHEDD8 3G/HD/SD-SDI is a Dolby E encoder and embedder.

Volicon will unveil an AC-3 decoding option for its Observer product line that makes it easy for operators to capture and log HD/SD-SDI content without the need for an external AC-3 decoder.

Ward-Beck’s M6205-3G is a 3 GHz-capable processing platform for embedded audio, PCM, DTS and Dolby-encoded, that includes shuffling, replacement, level control, stereo/5.1 upmix/down-mix, and mono to stereo. Ward-Beck’s D6207AD offers AES stereo to 5.1 upmixing.


DaySequerra’s M2DTV mobile media loudness control for handheld devices has 5.1 surround, stereo and EAS inputs, and features DTS DownMix along with two codec pre-processing channels, each optimized for HE AAC v2 operation at 24 - 64 kbps.

Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ now offers loudness monitoring and logging—to the ITU BS.1770 standard—to assure and demonstrate compliance with the U.S. CALM Act and EBU regulations.

DK-Technologies will show its PT0740M loudness meter, which complies with all current recommendations, and the compact DK Meter, with ITU BS.1770/1771, ATSC A/85 and EBU R128 loudness measurement facilities.

Eyeheight’s KARMAudioAU is a new plug-in for Final Cut and Soundtrack Pro that performs offline scaling of an entire program file to match audio loudness to a target LKFS level. The KARMAudioAS plug-in performs offline loudness scaling for Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools.

Harris LLM-1770Harris will demonstrate the LLM-1770 loudness logger and monitor, a compact audio monitoring tool used to confirm compliance with the latest loudness requirements. Loudness and true-peak measurements are made to the ITU-R BS.1770 international loudness standard with 5x oversampling.

The new remote controllable Jünger Audio T*AP TV processor that the company will be bringing to Las Vegas is a wide-band, eight-channel processor that provides automatic and adaptive loudness control using Jünger s Level Magic algorithm. Jünger Audio will also be unveiling its new C8482 SDI/DSP, which allows the connection of two different TV programs on one board, enabling higher channel capacity while remaining upgradable to eight channels and HD.

Linear Acoustic will showcase a range of solutions, including the LQ-1000 loudness quality monitor, which employs the ITU-R BS.1770 method for measuring loudness and displays the results on OLED display groups. The company will also show the AERO.air transmission audio/loudness manager, which now offers previously optional features as standard; DTV audio/loudness manager, which is now available in three versions: dual stereo (2+2), surround (5.1), and both (5.1+2); and AERO.file file-based loudness/audio controller, offering RadiantGrid transmuxing and transwrapping.

Linear Acoustic AERO.airMerging Technologies will present the new Final Check Loudness meter, incorporating average level graphs and simultaneous stereo and surround metering capability.

Miranda Technologies’ Automatic Loudness Control solution is available with audio processing options from Linear Acoustic, Jünger Audio and Miranda.

Sonifex will show off its Reference Monitor Meters, which offer audio loudness monitoring with up to 106-LED display precision. The company also has a series of audio monitors with built-in parametric equalizers that enable a monitor to be tuned for its location.

SonifexTC Electronic will present the brand new DB8 MKII and DB4 MKII loudness processors, featuring the new LM6 loudness meter, as well as the company’s LM2 rack-mountable loudness meter and TM7 and TM9 Touch Monitors.

Volicon’s Observer Loudness Monitoring uses intuitive overlay controls within its web-based interface to provide continuous measurements identifying program loudness and true-peak signal levels, simplifying the monitoring workflow.

Wohler’s Pandora is a compact and easy-to-read desktop (optional rackmount) loudness monitor with logging that accepts and analyzes embedded audio in either SDI or AES streams. Loudness measurements (LKFS/LUFS) are provided over a user-defined period of time, from 400 milliseconds to 60 minutes.

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