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Market drivers for enhancing file-based workflows

Gone are the days when audio engineers could do it all when it comes to sound for video. Extreme versioning driven by factors like multiple markets with unique languages, multiple distribution vehicles, including traditional broadcast, mobile, internet and OTT, and different loudness rules that vary from nation to nation have seen to that.

Complicating matters further for audio engineers has been the dramatic shift from linear to file-based and virtualized workflows, where speed, efficiency and quality consistency are the rule.

This informative white paper explains these changes and how automated audio processing can meet today’s challenges head-on by integrating closely with file-based video workflows. Find out:

  • The integration of automated audio processing into file-based and virtualized video workflow solutions
  • How automated audio processing maximizes quality and consistency for broadcasters, content facilities and post houses
  • The advanced specialized audio handling, processing and delivery capabilities Minnetonka AudioTools Server brings to modern video workflows
  • How audio engineering personnel can be allocated more effectively by leveraging automated audio processing and freeing them to handle situations requiring their expertise.

Click here to read the full white paper.