2016 Product Preview: Signal Processing

Now that we’re solidly in the “digital era,” a lot of things have changed about how we do television. However, no matter how different video and audio signals may be, there will always be a requirement for level adjustments, color manipulation, format changes, and other parameter shifts. There’s a lot of gear out there to address this need and you can see it all at the 2016 NAB Show.

Digital Alert Systems DASDEC Emergency Alert SystemEAS/CAP
Digital Alert Systems
, a division of Monroe Electronics, will show a number of new products, including the integration of the company’s DASDEC Emergency Alert System messaging platform with Snell Advanced Media’s ICE channel-in-a-box automated playout system technology. The partnership between Digital Alert Systems and Snell has resulted in a simpler approach to messaging and a smoother flow of emergency information.

will display their InstaView ultra-low delay encoder and decoder set, which provides the same quality as H.264 yet uses significantly less bandwidth and features a 100 ms. delay. Also check out the Futura II ASI+IP SD to 1080i MPEG-2 broadcast encoder.

Lawo Remote Production KitEnensys will unveil ATSC 3.0 DTV transmission products, including a route server, ATSC 3.0 scheduler and ATSC 3.0 modulator. These products, which reside between encoding/multiplexing and transmission, allow broadcasters and network operators to deliver live streams directly from an encoder outputting DASH segments, while managing the ATSC 3.0 physical parameters, multi-PLP allocation, and SFN synchronization.

Lawo will feature their V__remote4 system for video and audio signal transport and processing in WAN-based remote production work. It includes video-over-IP coding.

Linear Acoustic , part of the Telos Alliance, plans to take the wraps off their fully AES-67-compliant SDI xNode for linking existing SDI and audio-over-IP environments. It de-embeds audio from two SDI sources and converts it to Livewire of AES-67 formats.

Matrox Monarch HDX compact dual-channel H.264 encoding applianceMatrox will highlight its Monarch HDX compact dual-channel H.264 encoding appliance. Monarch HDX features 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs with frame synchronization to compensate for unstable sources. Two independent H.264 encoders provide redundancy or can be set to stream and/or record at individual settings.

Media Links will spotlight the company’s MDP 3010 IP to 12K decoder, which provides high-speed IP to JPEG2000 processing, transforming IP packets into a video signal.

Rohde & Schwarz AVHE 100 integrated headend encoding/multiplexing system for terrestrial and satellite DVB systems.Minnetonka Audio Software will feature their SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus for Avid that enables encoding/decoding of Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Digital audio files. Also look for the company’s SurCode for Dolby E on Premiere Pro CC that enables encoding and decoding of Dolby E files directly within Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Rohde & Schwarz will feature its AVHE 100 fully integrated headend encoding/multiplexing system for terrestrial and satellite DVB systems. It incorporates Cross-FlowIP technology and features very fast HD/UHD software encoding.

is spotlighting its latest Synapse signal processing additions, including equipment for 4K production, Dolby E encoding and decoding, embedded audio, as well as timecode and Vanc/Hanc data.

Crystal Vision’s Vision 3 3RU frame systemCrystal Vision will introduce the Vision 3 3RU frame system that accommodates as many as 20 SDI audio/video cards, including keyers, converters, synchronizers, embedders, delay units and more. Also look for the Safire 3-VF chroma keyer for the Vision 3 that works with 31 video standards. The company also will debut the Vivis10S-VF video delay unit with framestore as well as the Indigo frame system that accommodates the full range of 75 interface and keying products.

DTV Innovations will showcase the TSM-2800 multiplexer that accepts up to 8 ASI or SMPTE-310M signals and combines them into a single TS output on dual DVB-ASI or SMPTE-310M outputs.

Grass Valley GV NodeFor-A will unveil the new ACK- 3000 chroma keyer that features “shadow light,” a technology that can generate a human shadow via 3D graphics.

Grass Valley will demo their GV Node real-time IP processing and routing platform that supports IP/ SDI workflows and SMPTE 2022-6 IP inputs and outputs.

SAM will demo the IQ-Edge 3RU unit that provides IP video and audio processing across the company’s range of products, providing interoperability between switchers, routers, servers and other equipment.

will showcase its latest Synapse range of products, including 4K up and downconverters. Also look for new conversion products for moving from SDI video workflows into the world of IP. The Axon team will also provide guidance about moving into a hybrid or all-IP television environment.

Barnfind Technologies plans to show additions to the BarnOne fiber platform, including SDI and ASI/IP conversion, as well as electrical-to-optic and optic-to-electrical conversion functionalities.

Show attendees will want to visit the Census Digital booth to inspect their NLX-16 fiber-to-HDMI converter. It combines fiber optic transmit, receive and SDI/ HDMI conversion in one unit.

DNF Controls will debut the GTP-32 Control Processor that supports SCTE-104 messaging/transmission and serves as an advanced replacement for DTMF tone signaling used by Internet streaming and CATV head operations.

DTV Innovations will showcase the TASCO-3000, which combines transport stream format conversion and stream failover switching. It’s compliant with ATSC and DVB standards and converts between ASI, 310M and TSoIP (Transport Streams over IP) formats.

DVEO will be show a number of encoder and delivery products, including an inexpensive ASI-to-IP/IP-to-ASI unit, the CTDK, which provides real-time, low-latency bidirectional forwarding of SPTS or MPTS transport streams and is useful for delivering compressed content from TV stations to cable headends.

ESE will showcase their ES-188E NTP-referenced master clock/timecode generator, which receives nine-digit time information from an NTP server and converts it to several timecode formats, including SMPTE LTC, ESE-TC89, ESE-TC90, ASCII, EBU, IRIG-B and a 1PPS signal, allowing easy interface with computers, automation and clock systems.

Evertz will demo its 7814UDX series dual path broadcast quality up/down/cross converters that convert between common SD/ SMPTE 259M and HD/SMPTE 292M video signals. 3G versions add support for common 3G/SMPTE 424M video signals. These modules support frame synchronization and external genlock inputs (card and frame reference) for video timing adjustments.

For-A SCV-8000 bidirectional converter for 4K and 8K Super Hi-Vision signalsFor-A will introduce the SCV-8000, a bidirectional converter for 4K and 8K Super Hi- Vision signals. It features automatic or manual mode switching and supports embedded audio, timecode and similar ancillary data.

GatesAir will spotlight the Maxiva XTE exciter, which provides a 300-percent increase in digital signal processing capability to ensure improved signal quality throughput and IP networking capabilities for DTV.

Imagine Communications will showcase their SelenioNext Just-in-time transcoder that’s designed for high-channel count live/linear applications and enables CSPs to store their content at a single bitrate.

Nevion will feature video-over-IP solutions that will include demos featuring products from other vendors from the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) under the control of Nevion’s flagship orchestrator, Video|Path. The company will also showcase the NX4600 Media Gateway compression platform, which offers high-quality H.264/MPEG-4 AVC encoding and decoding.

Ross Video Ultrix Ultimate Connectivity PlatformRoss Video will showcase the Ultrix Ultimate Connectivity Platform that combines multiple functions including multiviewer and audio processing into a single compact package. It supports SDI data rates from 270 Mbps to 12 Gbps and interfaces to HDMI, fiber and IP I/O.

SAM will feature their Alchemist XF frame rate and standards conversion for 4K HDR video, a software-only implementation of the company’s Alchemist technology that provides faster than real-time processing of content. Also look for SAM’s IQ-Edge technology that provides IP video and audio processing, and offers interconnectivity between routers, servers, switchers and other gear.

will spotlight their Universal Multimedia + Video multiviewer which sports HDMI/DVI inputs and is housed in an openGear card. It’s designed to complement the company’s OG-MiniQ product with SDI inputs.

Grass Valley will demo their GV Node IP processing/routing platform that includes integrated Kaleido multiviewing.

Lawo will showcase “theWall” multiviewer control system for setting up and controlling multiviewers. It assists in monitor walls configuration, signal routing, changing of mosaic layouts, and allows users to save and load preset configurations via an app.

Show visitors will want to check out PESA 's Vidblox HTR technology for dealing with signal losses in connection with video wall signal processors. The modules support multiple resolutions, provide four I/O ports and can function as a transmitter or receiver.

Plura Broadcast will feature their Timer Request Protocol and App (TRP) that allows Plura timers to interface with third-party multiviewers and displays.

Ross Video will spotlight their Ultrix Connectivity Platform that packs multiple functions, including multiviewing, into a single compact package. It includes BNC I/O, as well as SFP slots that can provide interfacing with fiber, HDMI and IP.

Volicon will be at the show with enhancements to the company’s multiviewer, including an option for the Observer Media Intelligence Platform that provides multiviewer displays along with frame-accurate data for monitor walls or users’ desktops.

Ensemble Designs NXT 445 Streaming EncoderSTREAMING/MOBILE/IPTV
Ensemble Designs
will showcase its NXT 445 Streaming Encoder, a high-quality, high-profile, MPEG-4/H.264 encoder that takes 3G/HD/SD SDI and delivers simultaneous IP and DVB-ASI streaming outputs.

Evertz will debut the 570EMR-TDM8-TS EMR TDM IP gateway, which provides encapsulation/de-encapsulation of audio signals over IP and facilitates bulk distribution of TDM signals in and out of the IP realm.

Mirror Image will take the wraps off the miPublisher system that allows broadcasters to monitor and record live video streams and deliver them via the company’s Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN). Also check out Mirror Images miAcceleration service for speeding up delivery of video files and other content.

Rohde & Schwarz will spotlight their BBM810 system for monitoring over-the-top streaming operations. It provides intelligent and automatic content monitoring of video, audio and ancillary data.

Show visitors will want to check out Streampunk Media's Dynamorse, which uses reactive Internet technology to stream and transform SDI, RTP, TR-03, HTTP, WebRTC and files.

VidOvation will feature their TV turnkey enterprise IPTV system that now includes full integration of DirecTV content, providing digital rights management, VOD and digital recording with streaming to smart phones, desktop computers, tablets, smart TVs and set-top boxes.

Wowza Media Systems will feature their GoCoder for creating new apps that incorporate high- quality live video streaming in IOS and Android platforms, allowing users to broadcast live from mobile devices. In addition, look for updates for Wowza’s Streaming Cloud end-to-end streaming service.