Fujinon Debuts Series of 4K, 8K Capable Lenses

UA125X8 (Image credit: Fujinon)

VALHALLA, N.Y.—Fujinon has a bevy of new 4K and 8K lenses that it is adding to its range of offerings, as well as some new features specifically designed for this high-resolution equipment.

Part of Fujinon’s UA Series, the UA125X8BESM (UA125X8) is a 4K-compatible broadcast lens with a zoom ratio of 125x and improved optical image stabilization. The UA125X8 box lens covers a focal length of 8mm-1,000mm with an F1.7 aperture, making it the longest and widest 4K field lens for UHD applications in the Fujinon UA series, per the company. It is meant for use with 4K 2/3-inch cameras. The lens uses Fujinon’s optical technologies to produce HDR quality video. Additional features include nine-blade aperture; it is equipped with 16-bit encoders; High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC); and an anti-fogging design.

Fujinon has also made an update to its UA107x8 AF (Advanced Focus) 4K broadcast lens. UA107x8 AF has a newly developed phase-detection auto-focus sensor, which allows for a response speed as fast as 0.45 seconds, according to Fujinon. The lens also features the company’s image stabilization mechanism and a 107x ultra-magnification zoom covering focal lengths from 8.4mm-900mm, as well as HDR, vivid color reproduction and HT-EBC.

A pair of 8K lenses were also unveiled with the HP66X15.2ESM (HP66X15.2) and the HP12X7.6ERD (HP12X7.6). The HP66X15.2 is a box lens that has an 8K focal length of up to 1,000mm and a zoom magnification of 66x. The HP12X7.6 is a portable lens that covers a range of 7.6mm-91mm and has an 8K angle of view at 93.3 degrees.

Both lenses feature bayonet mounts targeting three 1.25-inch sensors for ultra-high 8K resolution. Each lens also has HT-EBC, nine-blade aperture and are equipped with 16-bit encoders. The HP66X15.2 comes with an optical image stabilization mechanism.

The HP66x15.2 is expected to be released this summer, while the HP12X7.6 is expected in the fall.

In addition to the physical lenses, Fujinon debuted a pair of advanced features that can be used with many of its 4K and 8K broadcast lenses, ARIA (Automatic Restoration of Illumination Attenuation) and RBF (Remote Back Focus). ARIA is designed to automatically introduce the appropriate amount of gain to counter the darkening of an image when F-stops are changed, as well as provide relative illumination data throughout the full range of the lens, helping to correct any corner shading that may have taken place.

RBF, meanwhile, allows for the back focus process to be operated solely by a video operator in an OB van or control room via the camera RCP. The camera operator has control over the zoom, servo focus and back focus functions.

In addition to being compatible with a range of Fujinon 4K and 8K lenses, ARIA and RBF will also operate with several of Sony’s latest series of 4K UHD cameras, Fujinon said.

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