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Z Technology adds new DTV measurement capabilities to DM1010

The DM1010 measurement receiver can be networked to a personal computer running WinDM-Pro software.

Z Technology has introduced two new DTV measurement capabilities for its networked measurement demodulator: FCC shoulder measurements and transport stream data measurements.

The DM1010 measurement demodulator, used by transmitter and test equipment manufacturers and U.S. broadcast stations, features NIST traceable RF measurement of signal strength, spectrum display with a new direct readout of shoulder energy for compliance with the FCC mask, ATSC modulation measurements for transmitter setup and a new transport stream viewing option for DTV data content monitoring.

The DM1010 measurement receiver is a self-contained measurement instrument, with front-panel readout of NIST traceable signal level, SNR, EVM, MER and Echo Profile. The instrument ships with Z Technology WinDM-Pro application software for local or remote operation, directly connected to the user’s PC or connected through the Internet. The WinDM-Pro application, in addition to full instrument control, provides display of the RF spectrum with the new FCC shoulder measurement, a true I/Q Constellation Display for transmitter performance measurement, Eye Pattern for a graphic view of data sampling, and Echo Profile for critical monitoring of transmission line and antenna match.

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